Communication Board

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Montgomery Parks Communication Board

What is a Communication Board?

Our communication boards are 3’x 5’ foot framed boards installed into the ground displaying over 60 photos, symbols, and illustrations to assist people with diverse language skills to express themselves. The words or phrases are in English, Spanish, and Braille. The user just gestures to the images on the board to communicate with others!

Communication Boards Help Everyone!

People who have autism, recovering from a stroke or brain injury, individuals who are non-verbal, and people who have learning disabilities and/or developmental disabilities can all benefit from communication board use. In addition, 41.7% of the population in Montgomery County are speakers of a non-English language, which is higher than the national average (21.9%).

Providing communication boards can ease the difficulty of communicating with people who have different languages.

Location Sites

Montgomery Parks installed the first communication boards in two locations.

The first is at the new, fully accessible Wheaton Local Park playground. This vibrant playground includes several amenities designed to meet the needs of all children including musical instruments, climbing elements, slides, spinners, shaded spaces, and other equipment intended to engage the senses. In addition to the playground, Wheaton Local Park consists of a multi-age, open play area and a 60-space parking lot. It is next to the Wheaton Library and Wheaton Community Recreation Center off Georgia Avenue. The land is just more than two acres and is in the heart of the Wheaton community. Enjoy the full Press Release of the unveiling event.

The second board is located at the South Germantown Recreational Park playground. The playground is situated next to the Washington National’s Miracle Field, a fully accessible baseball and softball field. Read the full Press Release here.

Montgomery Parks has identified additional locations to pilot this playground enhancement in diverse communities based on their accessible amenities but we need your help to do it!

How YOU Can Help!

The Montgomery Parks Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that champions Montgomery County Parks cultivating financial support and public engagement of county residents and businesses as members, donors, sponsors, and advocates. Your gift in any amount will help to “build our boards” as we enhance access and inclusion in our parks. For more information on how to donate, please visit

In keeping with the spirit of inclusion, equity, and total communication, we thank you for supporting this project.

For additional information, please contact the Program Access office:

Phone: 301-495-2581 Email:


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Last Updated: October 13, 2021