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The Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission

Permits & Rentals – Athletic Fields

Athletic Field Reservations

The use of Recreational/Regional Fields is by permit only. Local Field permits are not required, but recommended; non-permitted users must relinquish the field to permit holders. Permits are offered on a first-come, first-served basis.

Sports Leagues

Prior to each season, priority user groups will receive their athletic fields automatically. Visit our Athletic Field Use Permit Policy to see if your group could be considered a priority user group.

Priority Use Contracts will be sent to the primary account holder no later than January 5th for the Spring/Summer season, June 15 for the Fall season and November 1 for the Winter season. No contracts will be issued to user groups if there is an outstanding balance due in the account.

Tournaments & Special Events

All Athletic Tournaments and Special Events on an Athletic Field, Event organizers must submit their requests no later than:

  • December 1 (for events from April 1 through August 31)
  • May 1 (for events from September 1 through November 30)

To be considered for a Tournament or Special Event on Park Property, email the Park Permits Office a completed Special Event Request Form along with the following supporting documentation:

  • Promotional flyer and all other publications
  • Certificate of liability insurance naming M-NCPPC, 2425 Reedie Drive, Wheaton, MD 20902 as a secondary insured on the certificate in the amounts of $1,000,000 per accident/$500,000 per person
  • Vendor/Merchandise Sales, or any collection of monies on Park Property require Temporary Concessions Permit for each vendor. For more information on obtaining permission for sales, visit the Food, Beverage or Memorabilia Vendors’ Page
  • Alcohol Consumption/Sales require a one-day or seasonal liquor license from Montgomery County Alcohol Beverage Services Department

Visit our Special Events Page for more information

Camps or Clinics

To obtain permission to host a camp or clinic on Park Property, email the Park Permits Office a completed Special Use Form  along with the following supporting documentation:

  • Certification from Sports Organizations, e.g. USTA, USPTA, NAYS, MSYSA, etc.
  • State Sales and Use Tax License
  • Camp flyer and all other publications
  • Background checks on camp staff for the current year
  • Certificate of liability insurance naming M-NCPPC as a secondary insured on the certificate in the amounts of $1,000,000 per accident/$500,000 per person
  • Bullying protocol (or Code of Conduct)

Rules and Regulations

All Permit Holders Must Follow

Athletic Field Closures

  • Local Parks’ Fields are closed from December 1 – March 14.
  • Regional & Recreational Parks Natural Turf Fields are closed from December 1 – March 31 & August 16 – September 1
  • Regional & Recreational Parks’ Synthetic Turf fields are open year-round.
  • Synthetic Turf fields and Recreational/Regional Park fields are closed for Holidays.
Park NameField NumberDates Closed
Avenel Local ParkField 45/13/2024 through 7/31/2024
Ayrlawn Local ParkField 18/16/2024 through 11/30/2024
Broadacres Local ParkField 18/16/2024 through 7/31/2026
Broadacres Local ParkField 28/16/2024 through 7/31/2026
Broadacres Local ParkField 38/16/2024 through 7/31/2026
Cabin John Regional ParkField 110/30/2024 through 3/31/2025
Cabin John Regional ParkField 710/31/2023 through 5/1/2024
Cherrywood Local ParkField 13/15/2024 through 5/31/2024
Clarksburg Village North Local ParkField 13/15/2024 through 7/31/2024
Columbia Local ParkField 33/1/2024 through 4/30/2024
Fox Chapel Neighborhood Park Field 110/1/2024 through 3/14/2025
Glenfield Local ParkField 13/15/2024 through 6/30/2024
Greenwood Local ParkField 16/6/2024 through 7/31/2024
Gunners Lake Local ParkField 25/1/2024 through 7/31/2024
Martin Luther King Jr. Recreational ParkField 53/15/2024 through 7/31/2024
Mount Zion Local ParkField 18/16’/2024 through 11/30/2024
Newport Mill Local ParkField 28/16/2024 through 11/30/2024
Norwood Local ParkField 18/16/2024 through 11/30/2024
Olney Manor Recreational ParkField 24/1/2024 through 8/31/2024
Olney Manor Recreational ParkField 16/24/2024 through 7/31/2024
Stoneybrook Local ParkField 18/16/2024 through 11/30/2024
Strathmore Local ParkField 13/15/2024 through 8/14/2024
Tilden Woods Local ParkField 110/1/2024 through 3/14/2025
Veirs Mill Local ParkField 310/1/2024 through 3/14/2025

Inclement Weather Policy

If you’re unsure if a field is closed, please visit our RAINOUT LINE webpage or call the ballfield rainout number: 301-579-5610.

Rainout number recordings are updated by 3:00 p.m. on weekdays and 7:00 a.m. on weekends. Each recording applies to all parks listed under that number. You may also check the rainout line webpage

For decisions about the use of athletic fields refer to the appropriate rainout number on the field listing or call Park Permits at 301-495-2525, Monday – Friday, 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. For decisions about sports programs offered by the Montgomery County Recreation Department, call their update line at 240-777-6889.

Weather Cancellations

Field time cancelled by park staff due to inclement weather or other reasons – refunds requests for park closures may be submitted in writing no later than July 15 for scheduled field time from March 15-June 30 and by December 15 for scheduled field time from July 1-November 30. Any refund requests received after those dates will not be honored. Field users are responsible for tracking these cancellations and must submit a list of all refund requests to ParkPermits@MontgomeryParks.org for consideration. These lists will be compared against staff cancellation lists and refunded accordingly.
Playing on a field under any of the conditions listed below can damage the field and make it unplayable, for everyone, for the rest of the season. All play on any park athletic field is prohibited whenever:

  • The field is closed for renovation or repair
  • Water is standing on the field
  • One-half inch of rain or more has fallen within the previous 24 hours
  • Soil is frozen
  • Soil is wet and “spongy”
  • The ground is muddy and soil clumps or clings to shoes
  • Steady rain is falling
  • A lightning/electrical storm is occurring
  • The field is deemed unplayable by Park staff or Park Police

Cancelation and Change Requests

Field cancellations must be submitted in writing at least ten (10) business days prior to the date of the event and an Admin Fee for $50 is required at the time of the request. Reservation changes must be submitted in writing at least five (5) business days of the requested date and an Admin Fee of $50 is required for each change. Cancellations and Change requests can be submitted via email to ParkPermits@MontgomeryParks.org. If an organization returns field time from its historic allocation list, those fields will be removed from the organization’s historic use and made available for other groups.
Each approved permit represents a financial obligation. No refunds of facility fees will be processed without adequate notice per the cancellation policy. Otherwise, all facility fees will be retained. Neither refunds nor credits will be processed for permits that are not cancelled in a timely manner even if the space is not used.

If there is someone or another group occupying your rental space, present your permit to them and ask them to vacate. In case of an emergency or to report a problem that significantly affects use, please contact Park Police Non-Emergency Number: 301-949-8010. For School and Department of Recreation Fields, call CUPF (Community Use of Public Facilities) after hours: 240-490-2873.