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Crucial Funding for Montgomery Parks

In the past, we have been able to count on the support of our elected officials thanks to the continued advocacy of parks supporters and the Montgomery Parks Foundation.

May 2023

The Council’s approved FY24 operating budget and FY23-28 Capital Improvements Program (CIP) recognize Parks’ key role in maintaining a high quality of life in the county and keeping county residents engaged, healthy, and happy.

The County Council provided $131 million in tax-supported funding for the Parks Department including restoration of almost $2.6 million to the Parks operating budget allowing maintenance funding to support new and improved park amenities, the expansion of our community special events program, enhancing the natural resources management of 27,000 acres of conservation land, and expanding our internship program. That program will bolster ongoing efforts to attract diverse candidates to Parks’ workforce.

Despite the overall good news, there will be some shortfalls. The $1.5 million cut will reduce the Parks Department’s capacity to acquire and preserve natural areas, farmland and historic properties throughout the county.

Individuals who wish to join the campaign to support the Montgomery Parks capital budget should contact the Montgomery Parks Foundation.

If you are looking for CIP Budget Information, please visit our Capital Improvements Project Page.

Last Updated: June 1, 2023