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Project Review & Permitting Resources

An access path for equipment and materials for a stream restoration project. The image shows mulch and wood chips laid down, along with tree protection around mature trees.
A stream with construction equipment, orange construction fencing, and staff in yellow vests in the background.
little bennett park stream restoration

Concept Review of Projects on Parkland

Montgomery Parks is composed of over 36,000 acres containing approximately 490 miles of streams and over 29,000 acres of open and environmentally preserved spaces that provide valuable wildlife habitat and recreational opportunities. Our mission is to:

  • Protect and interpret the valuable natural and cultural resources;
  • Balance the demand for recreation with the need for conservation;
  • Offer a variety of enjoyable recreational activities that encourage healthy lifestyles; and
  • Provide clean, safe, and accessible places for leisure-time activities.

Projects proposed by external government agencies, public utilities, non-profits, private developers, etc., that will directly impact parkland must go through the Concept Review Process. The Concept Review Process evaluates whether projects proposed on parkland align with Montgomery County Parks’ Mission to steward natural and cultural resources, further recreational amenities, and abide by all applicable local, state, and federal policies. Before applying for a Park Construction Permit and any technical review, the Concept Review Process must be completed (see below for more details). Please refer to the Resources section at the top-right corner of this page to learn more about this process.

Throughout this process, Parks Staff will work with the applicant to understand the scope of the work, determine if the impacts to parkland are avoidable or can be minimized, and if not, what mitigation or compensation will be required for the impact. The policy for Parks in the 2022 PROS Master Plan Update outlines this approach and, where applicable, describes how non-park-use of park property is not permitted unless the Montgomery County Planning Board deems it to be in the public interest.

After the Concept Review Process is complete, the applicant must apply for a Park Construction Permit to initiate the technical review. The Park Development Division of the M-NCPPC Department of Parks issues permits approving work proposed on properties owned or managed by Parks and on properties to be dedicated to the M-NCPPC.

Park Construction Permit

To streamline the permit application process for the applicant and the Parks Department, we have created a submission for applications online via GIS and ePlans.

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