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The Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission
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Park Planning

Long-Range Plans and Master Plans

We are constantly making additions and enhancements to the park system to provide recreation opportunities, protect environmental resources, preserve key cultural resources, and promote an interconnected countywide trail system.

Countywide Plans

Vision Montgomery 2030

Strategic Plan – A planning project for parks and recreation for the next 20 years.

The following are available by request:

  • Executive Summary (pdf)
  • Vision 2030 Overview PowerPoint
  • Vision 2030 Volume 1: Needs and Resource Assessment
  • Vision 2030 Volume 2: Strategic Plan (pdf)

Park Master Plans

Other Plans

Studies, Concept Plans & Initiatives

The following are available by request:

  • Park Activity Building Study – An assessment of condition, use and operating costs of the 31 park recreation buildings owned by M-NCPPC in Montgomery County.
  • Chevy Chase Open Space Urban Park
  • Cricket Fields Site Selection – A site selection study for a dedicated cricket field in South Germantown Recreational Park.
  • Ellsworth Park Urban Dog Park
  • Piedmont Woods and Kings Local Parks
  • Solar Farm Site Selection Initiative
  • Wall Park Renovation Plan