Park Planning

Park Plans

We are constantly making additions and enhancements to the park system to provide recreation opportunities, protect environmental resources, preserve key cultural resources, and promote an interconnected countywide trail system.

PLEASE NOTE: Our online park plan library is getting updated including ADA remediation. The list below includes links to the plans ready at this time. Please contact us if what you need is not available here.

Countywide Plans

– Executive Summary (PDF, 2.2MB, 30 pages)
– Vision 2030 Overview PowerPoint ( PDF, 29 pages)
– Vision 2030 Volume 1: Needs and Resource Assessment (PDF, 172 pages)
Vision 2030 Volume 2: Strategic Plan (PDF 2.6MB, 105 pages)

Park Master Plans

Other Plans

Studies, Concept Plans & Initiatives

Last Updated: August 24, 2022