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Energized Public Spaces (EPS) Design Guidelines


Cover page of the Energized Public Spaces (EPS) Design Guidelines illustrated with images of people recreating in parks and open spaces.

“Urban parks serve as critical public places for recreation and civic engagement, essential to the quality of life in urban centers. Parks help provide solutions to a myriad of national and community issues: providing healthy places to exercise, managing stormwater runoff and helping clean the air, catalyzing economic and community development, and providing safe, close to home recreation options.”
National Recreation and Park Association


The purpose of the Energized Public Spaces (EPS) Design Guidelines is to create energized, inviting, easily accessible, attractive, comfortable, and safe public spaces.

The EPS Design Guidelines provides overall direction for major features of parks and public spaces design including the recommended size, type of experiences and amenities that each park type should provide.

The EPS Design Guidelines is a companion document to the Energized Public Spaces (EPS) Functional Master Plan.

The Vision & Goalsmap of the energized public spaces study area and pilot area

These guidelines aims to create places within a short walk where people of all ages and incomes can meet, play, relax, exercise, enjoy nature and more in a range of public spaces where we have the most people.

The guidelines:

  • Develop flexible guidelines for public spaces
  • Create a common language for planners, developers, and citizens
  • Provide examples that illustrate the guidelines intent.

Public Input

Ideas and comments from the public were welcomed throughout the planning process. The public submitted comments through our Open Town Hall.

Public Outreach

Public outreach for this project included this project web page, Urban Parks Advisory Group Monthly Meetings, media releases and email campaigns to individuals and registered Homeowner and Civic Associations.

Notices and updates were sent out through the Commission E-newsletter, our social media channels on Facebook and Twitter using the hashtag #FutureParks and via the Parks Department News Center.

Calendar and Meeting Notes

The chart below shows the Plan schedule and associated notices, memos to Planning Board and County Council, and presentation materials.


June 28, 2018 Planning Board Meeting

Project Briefing – item #4, staff memo, video link, and presentation

M-NCPPC Regional Office Building Auditorium,
8787 Georgia Avenue, Silver Spring, MD.
WINTER 2019 Through First Planning Board Work Session
Public Review Period – Working Draft for public review and comments.
Working Draft EPS Design Guidelines (PDF)
January 31, 2019, Planning Board Work Session #1 & Public Comments

Board Memo (PDF)
Board Memo Attachment (PDF),
Planning Board Presentation (video)

M-NCPPC Regional Office Building Auditorium,
8787 Georgia Avenue, Silver Spring, MD.
March 7, 2019 Planning Board Work Session #2- rescheduled to 3/7/2019.

Board Memo (PDF),
Planning Board Presentation (video)

M-NCPPC Regional Office Building Auditorium,
8787 Georgia Avenue, Silver Spring, MD.
July 2019 Approved and Final EPS Design Guidelines (PDF) 


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Cristina Sassaki, Project Coordinator
Email Cristina.Sassaki@MontgomeryParks.org



Last Updated: April 11, 2023