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Special Event Permits

Special Events Permit

A Special Event is an organized activity such as a walk, run, fair, tournament, festival, fundraiser, or other gathering hosted by a third party (Montgomery Parks) on Parkland for public or private entertainment that requires the general or exclusive use of one or more park facilities or features and that may:

  • Be advertised or open to the public;
  • Attract more than 35 people;
  • Require the use of the facility or park for more than 4 hours;
  • Provide some form of entertainment (shows, music, demos, etc.);
  • Offer items for sale such as food or merchandise; and/or
  • Require maintenance, sanitation and/or police services above and beyond what is already provided by park staff.

If the event matches one of the above criteria, complete a Special Event Form 

Special Event Request Form (pdf)

Submit your completed form with all required documents to

Event organizers MUST submit their requests.

  • at least 60 days before the event date for any type or size of event
  • at least 120 days in advance if the event expects to attract more than 500 people.

Before submitting your request, we strongly encourage you to visit the proposed site to ensure it can accommodate your event requirements for parking, attendance, and available resources or amenities.

If your request includes the use of a Parks Athletic Field, you must submit your request.

  • by May 1 (for events from September 1 through November 30)
  • by December 1 (for events from April 1 through August 15) 

After these dates, priority will be given to league play and games or practices requested by sports organizations for the Fall and Spring/Summer seasons, and we may not be able to accommodate your request.

Please note: All events being hosted on parkland require a certificate of insurance identifying M-NCPPC as an additional insured. A $85 non-refundable application fee is required for all standard event requests received and a $185 expedite fee will be charged for all event requests received within three weeks of the requested event date.

Any additional required documents are outlined in the application form. Please review and complete the request form carefully and submit all documentation to expedite your request.

All our parks are public property, so specific guidelines must be followed. Policing, trash removal, proper care of the facility or amenity used, sanitation services, crowd control, insurance, and related traffic or parking issues must be considered and addressed before a permit can be issued. All Permit Holders must follow M-NCPPC Rules and Regulations.

Submitting a request does not provide permission to conduct or promote your planned event. If the date(s) and location(s) requested are unavailable, or if the location requested is not an approved site to conduct your proposed event, the Park Permit Office will contact you, and alternative arrangements will be suggested or made. Your confirmation will be in the form of a PERMIT issued to the organization and person responsible for conducting the event.

Any questions? Email the Park Permit Office.

Last Updated: September 28, 2023