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ADA Program – Accessibility Projects

Division: Park Development Division
Water, Boat, Watercraft, Vehicle, Boats and boating--Equipment and supplies, Tree, Lake, Body of water, Leisure, Paddle

Fully accessible boat launch at Seneca Landing Special Park

Accessible space featuring a sculpture, bench and observation area at Meadowside Nature Center.

Accessible decking and patio area at Meadowside Nature Center

fitness station

The fitness station at Wheaton Regional Park includes adaptive equipment, accessible parking and pathway

Program Description

M-NCPPC Montgomery Parks, part of the Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission, has developed a multi-year plan to enhance accessibility at parks and park facilities throughout the county. These efforts coincide with revised Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) regulations (issued by The U.S. Department of Justice) that went into effect in March 2011. These regulations impact parks, playgrounds, ball fields, picnic areas, and other amenities operated by Montgomery Parks.

After conducting an extensive self-evaluation of all parks and park facilities, Montgomery Parks developed a Transition Plan outlining the schedules and cost of all physical improvements within the park system. Physical improvements in many parks will be an ongoing program as we continue to make our facilities accessible for the public.

Park improvements projects completed prior to 2016 can be found in the Transition Plan. Projects completed after 2016 can be found on the Accessibility Webpage. Ongoing projects of the current fiscal year can be found in the tables below.

Status/Project Update

Each project will be posted below with a link to the park webpage. Each Alert Text will outline the work program and other information on the park project.

Calendar and Meeting Notes

* Date and time subject to change. Please contact the project managers to confirm the schedule.

UNDER CONSTRUCTION (Updated June 2022)




Argyle LP Interior renovations at activity building Summer 2023
Nolte LP Phase 1 improvements – softball field, basketball court, path Fall 2022
Sligo-Dennis Avenue Local Park Playground renovation Fall 2022
Indian Springs Terrace LP Parking Activity Building interior renovations Summer 2022
Seneca Landing Special Park Phase II improvements at the existing boat ramp Fall 2022
Sligo Avenue Neighborhood Park Parking Activity Building interior renovations Fall 2022
Stewartown Local Park Minor park renovation; various improvements throughout. New soccer court Construction start Spring 2022; completion fall 2022
Glen Hills Local Park Parking lot upgrade to support playground renovation Fall/Winter 2022
Druid Neighborhood Park Minor playground renovations Fall 2022
Kemp Mill Urban Park New sidewalk ramp and crosswalk at Lamberton Drive Fall 2022
Kemp Mill Estates Local Park Interior activity building renovations and exterior upgrades Interior – Complete; Exterior Fall 2022
Longwood Local Park Parking lot upgrades, walkways to courts and playground Permits approved. Construction winter/spring 2023
Meadowbrook Local Park Restroom accessibility improvement at Stables Summer/Fall 2022






Germantown Square Urban Park Minor parking renovation Permits issued. Construction winter/spring 2023
Strathmore Local Park Minor park renovation; add parking paths, etc. In design; Construction winter/spring 2023
Fairland Recreational Park Parking lots and basketball court area In design
Layhill Local Park Soccer and softball fields, shelter and playground In preliminary design
Maplewood Alta-Vista Local Park Parking, courts, soccer field, and playground access In preliminary design
McKnew Local Park Multi-phase project to upgrade the parking lot, trail, and courts in conjunction with playground renovation In design
Meadowbrook Local Park Interior activity building renovations and exterior upgrades In design; Construction Fall 2022
Randolph Hills Multi-phase project to upgrade parking lot, trail, and access to tennis courts and softball field In design
Olney Manor Recreation Park Accessibility upgrades at parking lot for playground and dog park In design
Ovid Hazen Wells Recreational Park Parking and access improvements to playground, shelters, and baseball field In design
Rock Creek Regional Park Picnic Area 2 In design
South Germantown Recreational Park Phase 1 bike park improvements Design complete. Construction fall or winter 2022
South Germantown Recreational Park Fields E, F, tennis courts and basketball courts, and access to the playground In design



PARK WORK COMPLETED (Since January 2021)
Argyle Local Park Exterior improvements around the activity building
Black Hill Regional Park Accessibility Improvements to Shelter I and J and at their parking lots including a new SWM facility, as well as a connection from Shelter C to the restroom (2022)
Blueberry Hill Local Park A new pathway to connect the adjacent community to the park
Calverton-Galway Local Park Parking lot improvements and access to shelter B
Cabin John Regional Park Povich Field entrance and ADA parking spaces (2022)
Cherrywood Local Park Pathways and parking, access to all park facilities (2022)
Evans Parkway Neighborhood Park Access to the playground and the parking lot
General Getty Urban Park Miscellaneous upgrades throughout the park including patio enhancements, walkways, picnic tables, tennis court access, etc.
Glenmont Local Park Access to the parking lot and Park Activity Building
Lynnbrook Local Park Sidewalk and benches to be installed
Nolte Local Park Various improvements near the community garden
Olney Mill Neighborhood Park Expanded parking, accessible walkway to tennis/pickleball courts and shelter, drainage improvements, push-button controls at courts
Rock Creek RP Archery Range  Phase II – the parking lot for improved access to the archery range
Rosemary Hills / Lyttonsville Local Park Trail, drainage, and accessibility upgrades near the playground on Lanier Drive
Saddlebrook Local Park Accessibility upgrades to parking, building entries, basketball courts, soccer field, and playground
Sligo Avenue Neighborhood Park Interior and exterior accessibility improvements to the activity building (2022)
Sligo-Dennis Avenue Local Park Sligo-Dennis Avenue Local Park
South Germantown Recreational Park Interior improvements to the Mooseum
Southeast Olney Local Park Improvements to the parking lot, porta john, 1 soccer field, and basketball court
Wheaton Regional Park Ice Arena Access improvements to parking and to the front entrance of the building. Interior renovations including new doors/entry
Wheaton Regional Park Renovations to restroom building  near the Adventure Playground
Wheaton Regional Park Field 2, bleacher pads, paths, player benches, sidewalk connection

M-NCPPC Staff Contact

Bob Green, Senior ADA Project Manager | | 301-495-2571

Wen Huang, ADA Project Manager | | 301-495-2466

Parks Information Customer Service Office | | 301-495-2595

Last Updated: October 28, 2022