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Program Access

Accommodations and Inclusion

In keeping with the mission of Montgomery Parks, the Program Access staff ensure individuals with disabilities are welcomed to participate in enjoyable leisure-time activities in accessible places and programs.

To request a reasonable accommodation, please complete our Modification Intake Form

Program Access also referred to as “Inclusion”, is the means by which individuals with disabilities are welcome to participate in Montgomery Parks recreation and leisure activities of their choice. Reasonable modifications are provided to enable an individual’s successful participation in a program.

Program Access is Right for You or Your Child

  • interested in the subject
  • comfortable in various inclusive environments
  • meets the registration requirements.
  • can follow the rules of conduct.
  • remain engaged in scheduled activities for the majority of the program time
  • indicate basic needs (either verbal or non-verbal).

Program Access Does Not Allow

  • being in a separate area or participating in alternate activities for the majority of the program.
  • hiring, selecting or guaranteeing the assignment of a certain staff member.
  • individualized therapy.
  • an exception to minimum compliance of program rules established for safety.
  • provision and/or purchase of personal custom devices.

Examples of Reasonable Modifications

  • Sign Language Interpreter
  • Enhanced Staff-to-Participant Ratio
  • Adaptive Equipment
  • Ongoing Disability & Sensitivity Training for Staff
  • Braille & Large Print
  • Companions or Job Coaches

*Reasonable modifications will be determined after an assessment has been completed and varies for each individual.

Assessment Steps

  1. Register for a selected program through ActiveMontgomery.org
  2. Request a reasonable modification
  3. We will connect with you to assess needs and make reasonable modifications
  4. Enjoy

For more info on Program Access and modifications contact 301-495-2581 or ProgramAccess@MontgomeryParks.org

Last Updated: June 14, 2023