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Playground Renovation Program

Division: Park Development


Project Description

This program renovates up to six existing playgrounds each year.  The designed life expectancy for each playground is approximately twenty years.  The playgrounds in the current schedule for replacement are at the end of their life cycle.


Montgomery Parks has approximately 276 playgrounds within the park system.  The Parks’ Capital Improvements Program (CIP) is currently funded to renovate or replace approximately six playgrounds each year.  These renovations include playgrounds that have aged beyond the point where replacement parts can be ordered, equipment that has been removed because of vandalism or wear that could affect safety, or playgrounds in neighborhoods where the population has changed and the need for new equipment has increased.

The priorities for playground renovations are determined by the Department’s playground safety inspectors based on many factors, including the safety and condition of the playground, the age and materials of the playground, the level of use, compliance with codes, and the availability of equipment to meet the needs of children from ages 2-12.  Once the priorities are established and funding is available, meetings are set up with each community to obtain their input and ideas for the playground.  A design is prepared based on those needs and the standards of the Department to assure delivery of a playground which the community helps to create and will enjoy for years to come.

Project Status

Playground equipment with slide


The following parks are in final design development or are scheduled for construction.

Please select a project link to find more information on the status of each playground.


Dewey Local Park Construction complete
Damascus Recreational Park Construction complete
General Getty Neighborhood Park Construction complete
Edith Throckmorton Neighborhood Park Construction complete
Sundown Road Local Park Construction complete
Colt Terrace Neighborhood Park Construction to begin in Fall 2021
Sligo-Dennis Avenue Local Park Construction in Spring 2022
Hillwood Manor Neighborhood Park Construction complete
Olney Family Neighborhood Park Construction complete


The playgrounds listed below are in the design stage. Montgomery Parks invites input from the community. To share your ideas, contact the Project Manager shown at the bottom of this page.

List of Future Projects

The following list of projects are upcoming priorities for renovation as soon as the current projects are completed and funding becomes available.

Playground at Olney Square Neighborhood Park


M-NCPPC Staff Contact

Patricia McManus



Last Updated: March 17, 2023