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The Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission

Woodlawn Manor Cultural Park – Educational Resources

Learn More About Woodlawn Manor Cultural Park!

There are numerous great educational resources available that complement a visit to Woodlawn Manor Cultural Park. The videos, links, and downloadable resource lists will help you learn more about it!

Creation of WMCP’s Underground Railroad Experience Trail

Meet Dr. William Palmer of Sandy Spring

Dr. William Palmer, a Quaker country physician and farmer, was the 19th century owner of Woodlawn.

Maryland Emancipation Day

A day honoring the 1864 abolition of slavery. Presentation by Woodlawn Manor Cultural Park staff.

Edmonson Sisters

In 1848, Mary and Emily Edmonson joined others in an attempt to escape slavery. Their courageous efforts would gain national attention and help turn public opinion in the fight against slavery. Video is courtesy of NBC News Learn.

Ann Maria Weems

From 2004… Learn about Ann Maria Weems, who was enslaved in Rockville and who fled to Canada via the Underground Railroad. Her story is richly described in the young adult book, “Stealing Freedom” by Elisa Carbone, who is highlighted in this segment. Video Created by Montgomery County Council.

Who was Josiah Henson?

Description of the life and accomplishments of Josiah Henson, the Maryland-born former slave, whose life was used by Harriet Beecher Stowe as the model for Uncle Tom of her novel Uncle Tom’s Cabin. Henson spent part of his life on the Riley plantation, now located in Rockville, MD on Old Georgetown Road. Video created by myMCMedia.