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The Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission

What's in Bloom

Plants with interesting bark such as paperbark maple, colorful fruit such as holly, or early flowers such as Lenten rose, snowdrops, winter jasmine, and witchhazel.

Anemones, Cornelian cherry, crocus, daphne, forsythia, Japanese andromeda, rhododendrons, sweetbox, and winterhazels.


Azaleas, crabapples, daffodils, dogwood, grape hyacinths, flowering cherry, magnolias, quince, perennials, purple-leaf plum, redbud, tulips, and viburnums.

Azaleas, bulbs, clematis, dovetree, flowering shrubs, fringetree, Japanese dogwood, perennials, red buckeye, smokebush, viburnums, and wisteria.

Annuals, golden rain tree, herbs, hydrangeas, Japanese iris, perennials, mountain laurel, roses, Satsuki azaleas, southern magnolia, and stewartia.

Annuals, butterfly bush, chaste tree, crape myrtle, hydrangeas, perennials, rose-of Sharon, roses, summersweet, trumpet vine, and water and bog plants.

Annuals, perennials, autumn crocus, roses, ornamental grasses, ornamental cabbage and kale, water hyacinths, and autumn witchhazel.

Fall color of deciduous trees and shrubs such as dogwood and Japanese maple as well as ornamental fruit of beautyberry, holly, pyracantha, and viburnum.

Camellias, winter interest of ornamental grasses, heavenly bamboo, hollies, and red and yellow-stemmed dogwood.