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Meet Our Command Staff

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Office of the Chief of Command Staff

Chief Darryl McSwain

Chief Darryl McSwain

Chief Darryl McSwain was appointed as the Chief of Police for the Maryland-National Capital Park Police – Montgomery County Division – in May of 2018.  Prior to this appointment, he was a member of the Montgomery County Department of Police for 30-years before retiring as an Assistant Chief where he led the Field Services Bureau which consists of County Security, Media Services, the Crisis Response & Support Division, Animal Services, and Traffic Operations.  Previous assignments also included: Supervisor of the Community Outreach Section, Investigative Services Bureau Administrative Supervisor, Director of the Internal Affairs Division, Commander of the 1st District Station, Director of the Special Operations Division, and the Patrol Services Bureau Assistant Chief.  He is a member of the International Association of Chiefs of Police and the Police Executive Research Forum.

Chief McSwain obtained his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Criminal Justice from the University of Maryland and earned a Master’s Degree in Administrative Management from Bowie State University.  Chief McSwain is an alumnus of the Major Cities Chiefs Association Police Executive Leadership Institute and a graduate of the F.B.I. National Academy and National Executive Institute.  He and his wife Sallye are the proud parents of four young adults.

Special Assistant to the Chief of Police
Lt. Tracy Lieberman

Lt. Tracy Lieberman serves as the Special Assistant to the Chief of Police. Duties include serving as a primary agency representative on various commission and community workgroups, oversight for new initiatives, and sharing of expert counsel with the Office of the Chief.

Internal Affairs
Lt. Tracy Lieberman

The Internal Affairs function within the Maryland-National Capital Park Police, Montgomery County Division, strives to protect the public, the agency, and agency employees by maintaining the standards of professional conduct for officers of the Division. Because complaints concerning police practice may disclose problems or deficiencies in policy, procedure, or training, proper investigation of these complaints allows improvement and correction. Equally important as reporting police misconduct is the recognition of a job done well. If you would like to provide us with some feedback on our performance, please send us an email. All persons filing complaints will receive a letter following the investigation process or the administrative hearing which will indicate the outcome of the process. All commendations received are forwarded to the employee and their supervisor.

Operations Command Staff

Assistant Chief, Operations Branch
Captain Kevin Coles 

Kevin Coles

The Assistant Chief of the Operations Branch oversees the Special Operations Section (Mounted, Motor, and Marine). The Special Operations Section patrols the regional parks and the hiker and biker trails throughout Montgomery County using horses, motorcycles, and boats. This section also staffs and manages special events with large crowds of people.

The Assistant Chief of the Operations Branch also oversees the Canine Unit and the Training Coordinator.

Special Operations Section Commander
Lt. Sarah Mikalauskas

Lt. Sarah Mikalauskas

The Special Operations Section (SOS) patrols the regional parks and the hiker and biker trails throughout Montgomery County using horses, motorcycles, and boats. This section also staffs and manages special events with large crowds of people. When not participating in special events, SOS officers assist Patrol Services with their normal responsibilities. SOS also focuses on enforcing hunting and game law programs and unusual event planning. Officers assigned to SOS are cross-trained in horse-mounted, motorcycle, and marine patrols. In addition to patrolling park property, Special Operations officers are often called on for control at large events, search and rescue operations, dignitary escorts, and specialize in patrolling park areas with limited access.

Canine Section

The Canine Section falls under the Special Operations Commander. The Unit is comprised of five K-9 teams.

The Canine Section is responsible for assisting fellow officers with tracks, building searches, area searches, and vehicle scans.

Investigative Command Staff

Assistant Chief, Investigative Branch
Captain Shibu Philipose

Capt. Shibu Philipose

The Assistant Chief of the Investigative Branch oversees the Crime Investigation Unit and Special Assignment Team. The Investigative Branch also leads the agency’s participation in Federal/State/Local taskforces.

Investigative Services Section Commander
Lt. Adam MacLeod

MacLeod Headshot

The Investigative Services Section investigates crimes against persons and property and follows up on reports taken by Patrol personnel as needed. This section also maintains Crime Scene Evidence Collection equipment and manages Vehicle and Asset Forfeitures. The Investigative Services Section is also responsible for recruitment and applicant investigations.

The Special Assignment Team also falls under the Investigative Services Section. This team addresses problem park areas, through plainclothes and uniformed patrols.

Patrol Command Staff

Assistant Chief, Patrol Branch
Captain Bryson Evans

The Assistant Chief of the Patrol Branch oversees the Patrol Branch including all six patrol squads (day work, evenings, and midnight) and Community Services Section. The mission of the Patrol Branch is to provide front-line services to our community. Officers assigned to the Patrol Branch are the first to respond to requests for service from members of the community and Commission staff.

We understand that police response is critical to community opinion of the Division and the perception of crime. With that in mind, we attempt to provide the most professional, comprehensive, and service-oriented response possible. Officers are thoroughly trained to provide exceptional service to the community while maintaining personal and community safety. Officers are tasked with quickly assessing ongoing situations, protecting life and property, and effectively and efficiently taking appropriate actions.

Midnight Shift Commander
Lt. Cindy Weisman

Lt. Cindy Weisman

Lt. Cindy Weisman is the Commander for the Midnight Shifts. The midnight shifts work from 9:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. and specialize in patrolling park areas with limited access.

Day Shift Commander
Sarah Mikalauskas

Lt. Sarah Mikalauskas

Lt. Sarah Mikalauskas is the Commander for the Day Shifts. The day shift works from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Community Services Section

The Community Services Section coordinates a number of special programs for the Division. The section conducts event analyses of large events in the parks to determine the need for additional security measures. Recommendations can include additional police staffing, changes in location, the type of entertainment allowed, etc. The Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED) expert assists in the development, renovation, and construction of park facilities in Montgomery County to ensure a safe recreational environment.

Community Services also coordinates the Division’s volunteer program. There are approximately 43 volunteers who perform a variety of functions during the year. One of the goals of the program is to improve police service by using volunteers to assist in patrolling our parks and developing a spirit of cooperation and partnership with the community.


Evening Shift Commander
Lt. Charles Smith

Lt. Charles Smith is the Commander for the Evening Shifts. The evening shifts work from 3:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m.

Support Command Staff

Assistant Chief, Support Branch
Captain Nicole Adams 

Capt. Nicole Adams

The Assistant Chief of the Support Branch oversees the Administrative Section, Communications Section, and Management & Technology Services Sections. The Support Branch is dedicated to providing quality support services to the Division. Our goal is to provide the tools for Division members to do their jobs more efficiently and effectively.

Management & Technology Section Commander
Lt. Caleb Garcia

The M&T Section is committed to providing quality support services to the Division. This section consists of technology, communications, evidence/property management, records, information technology, facility management, and fleet management.

Mobile data terminals, computer-aided dispatch, and a record management system are all being interfaced to create a total technological package for the officer on the street. These computers allow an officer to conduct database queries, receive calls-for-service information, write reports, and access the agency’s e-mail system. The system has turned the patrol vehicle into a mobile office. The Technology section is always looking for new and innovative ways to make everyone’s job easier and more efficient.

Acting Communications Section Supervisor
Mr. Ralph Watkins

Mr. Ralph Watkins is the acting supervisor of the Communications Section. The Communications Section is responsible for receiving and dispatching all calls for police service, emergency, and non-emergency, within the park system in Montgomery County. The Communications Center operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Using state-of-the-art equipment, Communication Technicians work with the community and Officers to keep Montgomery County parks safe.