Stream & Park Cleanups

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No matter where you are in Montgomery County, you are part of a watershed. A watershed is an area of land that drains to a creek, stream, river, and ocean. Trash and litter found in Montgomery Parks can find their way to the Potomac, Chesapeake Bay, and the Atlantic Ocean if not removed. Volunteers like you help protect our local environment, wildlife, watersheds, and the oceans from litter pollution!

stream striders watershed leadership program, background of creek with ripples, water strider symbol, register by may 15

The Montgomery Parks Stream Striders volunteer program is accepting Spring Applications!

Stream Striders facilitate conservation projects that involve an educational component as well as a service component. From litter awareness to stream macroinvertebrate demonstrations, Stream Striders help volunteers form a deeper connection with nature during cleanups. Applications are open for adult volunteers interested in leadership, watershed education, & community engagement at their local stream valley parks.


Organize your own Group Cleanup Plant, Tree, Orange trash bags, volunteers at cleanup, text: GROUPS, montgomery parks logo

Scout troops, corporate groups, student groups, and community organizations can schedule a group cleanup day at a park or stream year-round! Cleanups are open to all ages, but group leaders must be 18+ to register.

  1. Make sure all volunteers are fully vaccinated before your cleanup date
  2. Register your group here (we ask for a two week’s notice)
  3. We will send you a Group Leaders info packet
  4. Confirm your cleanup details and pick up your cleanup kit
  5. Have a fun, safe cleanup and send us your Sign-in sheet and Cleanup Results

Cleanups for Individual Volunteers parks background, young volunteer holding trash bags and litter grabber, text reads individuals or families

Individuals and families can join a cleanup hosted by Montgomery Parks staff or volunteer leaders.

Click here to register for the next cleanup on eRecruiter.

Please note:

  • If a cleanup is not listed, the event is full.
  • New volunteers must create a volunteer/family profile (take 5 minutes and have your covid vax card(s) on hand)

Find a Watershed Group near you!

Map, montgomery county watershed organizations

Looking for more ways to get involved? Several local watershed organizations host cleanups, restoration projects, and events in Montgomery County.

Watershed Groups in Montgomery County:

Watershed/Nature Organizations in the DC area:

Storm Drain Mural Projects

Congratulations to Pamela G., Tarah C. and Saatchi B. — winners of the 2021 Clean Waterways Art Contest! Check out their designs here.

volunteers at a park raising hands and standing over a storm drain mural. the mural has images of the ocean featuring an octopus, ruby, holding litter items at each arm.

Ruby’s Quest by Pamela, Long Branch SVP

artists paintings a mural on a storm drain that says keep maryland beautiful

Keep Maryland Beautiful by Tarah, Rosemary Hills-Lyttonsville Park

storm drain mural and artist, preserve natural habitats, patterns and animals surrounding the message

Preserve Natural Habitats by Saatchi, Rock Creek Stream Valley Park








Illegal Dumping in Parks

Have you spotted illegal dumping in parks?

  1. Leave the trash
  2. Note the exact location and park name
  3. Call the Park Police at 301-949-3010 to report

Dumping of trash bags, furniture, tires, car parts, etc. often occur at parks and they affect our communities and environment. Contacting park police is the best way to address the problem quickly.


Valeria Espinoza
Stream & Park Cleanups Volunteer Program Coordinator

Last Updated: May 9, 2022