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The Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission

Little Bennett Regional Park

Bridge at Little Bennett Regional Park
Picnic Tables at Little Bennett Regional Park
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Little Bennett Regional Park is the largest natural gem of Montgomery County. It lies just a few miles from Interstate 270. Spread over 3,700 acres, the park offers beautiful scenery,  a large campground, a small playground, more than a dozen historic sites and over 25 miles of scenic natural surface trails. Little Bennett Regional Park also features an 18-hole golf course, MCG.

Explore the park’s many natural wonders by foot, mountain bike, or horseback on over 25 miles of natural surface trails. Be sure to be on the lookout for the eastern bluebird and timberdoodle if your journey through our forests, meadows, and streams takes you through the wetland area on the Western Piedmont Trail.

In addition to an abundance of native plants and animals, this park features 14 historical sites and points of interest – including the Hyattstown Mill and the one-room Kingsley School House – which preserve the memories of rural life in Montgomery County through the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries.


Experience nature and wildlife while hiking over 25 miles of scenic natural surface trails in the park. For those who love the solitude of the meadow and forest, you can explore the park on all trails by foot, and many by horseback or mountain bike.

  • Stay on marked trails. Trails not shown on the map are not maintained and may terminate abruptly or travel onto private property.
  • Do not blaze new trails.
  • Utility easements cannot be used as trails except along the Browning Run Trail.
  • Use restrictions do apply. Observe and obey access signs.
  • Yield right of way as follows: Mountain bikes to all users; hikers to equestrian users.


The park has a couple of picnic tables for your use.   They can be found at the Kingsley Parking Area, the Little Bennett Day Use Area (off of Rt. 355), the Kingsley School House (walk-in only), and at Earl’s Picnic area off Western Piedmont Trail (walk-in only). Parking lots and Trailheads Map (accessible pdf).

Camp Sites

We have hike in and horse trailer campsites. For more information contact our Park Permits Office


Parking to access the trails and historic sites are located in the following places.  Parking areas vary in size, and the smaller lots may fill to capacity on busy days.  Please select an alternate parking lot in this event, to avoid illegal parking.

  • Kingsley Parking Area on Kingsley Road off Clarksburg Road (16-vehicle gravel lot)  Trailheads:  Kingsley Trail, Logger’s Trail, Western Piedmont Trail, and Hard Cider Trail
  • Froggy Hollow Trailhead Parking on Clarksburg Road, just south of Kingsley Road (6-vehicle gravel lot)  Trailhead:  Froggy Hollow Trail
  • Little Bennett Employee Parking Lot off Route 355, just outside the gates of the maintenance facility (20-vehicle asphalt lot)  Trailhead: Stoneybrook Trail
  • Hyattstown Mill Road off Route 355, near the Hyattstown Mill (6-vehicle gravel lot)  Trailheads:  Hyattstown Mill Road, Play lot, Western Piedmont Trail.
  • Prescott Road Horse Trailer Parking off Lewisdale Road (vehicle and horse trailer parking in meadow)   Trailheads:  Timber Ridge Trail, Dark Branch Trail, and Pine Grove Trail
  • Wilson’s Mill Parking Area & Trail off Clarksburg Road (12-vehicle lot) Trailheads: Wilson’s Mill Trail
  • Burnt Hill Parking Area off of Burnt Hill Road (6-vehicle lot). Trailheads: Purdum Trail
  • Browning Run Trail Parking Area off of Clarksburg Road. Trailheads: Lewisdale Trail and Browning Run Trail.
  • Lewisdale Horse Trailer Parking Area off of Lewisdale Road (grassy parking lot for vehicles and horse trailers).
  • Little Bennett Day Use Area off of 355, north of Little Bennett Campground (12-vehicle parking lot). Trailheads: Sopers Branch Trail

Tips for Visiting

Help us make your visit as enjoyable as possible by adhering to the following recommendations:

  • The park has multiple entrances. Please check which entrance will take you to the area of the park you plan to visit.
  • Pets must be kept on a leash at all times.
  • Alcoholic beverages are not permitted in the park.
  • Visitors to the park must follow all M-NCPPC Rules and Regulations, as well as any rule specific to a park facility or activity.