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The Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission

Do Your Part

We need your help.

Prevent Pollution 

Litter is unsightly, degrades habitat, harms wildlife, and negatively impacts the angling experience. Bring out what you bring in, consider picking up and disposing of other’s litter you encounter, and familiarize yourself with other ways to prevent pollution and report water quality concerns. Keep pollution out of our lakes, ponds, streams, and the Chesapeake Bay!

Keep Wildlife Safe

Proper disposal of fishing line and tackle is one easy way to protect wildlife in Montgomery Parks. Learn more about how to protect wildlife from the perils of tackle and line left behind and what to do if you encounter entangled or otherwise injured wildlife while fishing. 

Stop Aquatic Hitchhikers

A variety of aquatic nuisance species can negatively impact the environment and your favorite places to fish. Introduced species can eat and outcompete our native fish and wildlife, introduce and spread disease, and degrade habitat. Likewise, seeds and pieces of plants can cling to clothes and gear and be transported from one location to another creating an infestation that is costly and difficult to manage. Simple steps, like proper bait disposal and gear cleaning, prevent potential problems. 

Promote Ethical Angling

Montgomery Parks hosts a robust fisheries resource right in your backyard! The practice of catch-and-release fishing and other ethical angling techniques such as using a landing net and gentle handling, help to sustain and grow local populations in your favorite waterway.  Respect the water, land, wildlife, fellow anglers, and your Montgomery Parks!