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Woodside Urban Park Renovation Project

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Project Description

Woodside Urban Park, located at the corner of Georgia Avenue and Spring Street, is an important gateway to the growing urban center of the Silver Spring Central Business District. The park serves a diverse community of park users and provides important opportunities for play, active recreation, social gathering, and contemplative experiences in a wooded setting.

A 2011 facility plan reimagined the park design and was approved by the Montgomery County Planning Board before moving into detailed design and construction documentation through 2018. The project was suspended during the FY19-24 Capital Improvements Program process, the budget was reduced, and the scope of the project was revised.

This new park refresher project seeks to improve aging amenities, respond to evolving needs of the community, and breathe new life into the landscape. Emphasis will be placed on updating park infrastructure to meet current codes and standards and increasing opportunities for recreation while preserving unique and desirable characteristics of the park such as the mature tree canopy.


The 2.34-acre park was designed in the early 1970s and is one of the three major urban parks in the North and West Silver Spring master planning area.  The adjacent Silver Spring Community Service Center (formerly Woodside Elementary School) was conveyed to the county from Montgomery County Public Schools with the approval of the Montgomery County Planning Board in 1984.  The park was expanded to include the gym building, basketball court, and a playground.  The existing park includes a decorative fountain, seating areas with trellis structures, playground areas, lighting, picnic areas, a skate spot, a basketball court, and a handball court.

Status/Project Update

Park staff is currently refining concept design for the improvements to Woodside Urban Park and preparing to present an Amended Facility Plan to the Planning Board in summer of 2023. The concept plans below were presented to the community in June of 2021. Subsequent public input collected through Open Town Hall showed a preference for Concept 2 (drawing on the right). Using this plan as a jumping-off point, park staff is working to develop the design further.

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Woodside Urban Park Concept Plans

Calendar and Meeting Notes

Links to review meeting notes and presentations will be attached to each applicable calendar event as it is scheduled and completed.

Facility Planning for Woodside Urban Park and The Department of Health & Human Services Building M-NCPPC


Date/Time Discussion and Meeting Notes Location
Fall-Winter 2009 Facility Planning begins, Pre-design (project preparation, survey, data collection, site reconnaissance, design research)
May 2010 Procurement of multi-disciplinary consultant
May 17, 2010 Community Meeting #1
Silver Spring, MD 20910
Spring-Summer 2010 Schematic Design, develop a program of requirements and concept alternatives
December 15, 2010 Community Meeting #2
Review and discuss concept alternatives
Silver Spring, MD 20910
Winter 2010-Spring 2011 Design Development, develop a preferred concept
Spring 2011 Final Design, refine the preferred plan, obtain preliminary permits, develop a cost estimate
July 25, 2011 Community Meeting #3
October 6, 2011 Planning Board Meeting Facility plan approved
Facility Plan
Silver Spring, MD 20910
Spring 2015 Detail design began
April 9, 2016 Community Meeting #4
To review the final design and status of the project
Design 75% complete
Woodside Urban Park
Silver Spring, MD 20910
Winter 2016 Construction documents completed
Fall 2018 Construction on hold
Facility Plan Amendment
Winter/Spring 2021 Facility Plan Amendment Begins

Concept redesign

(project review, data review, site analysis, design research)


A live, online public meeting was held on June 8, 2021, 7:00 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.   Parks staff presented preliminary concept plans and potential updates and amenities for Woodside Urban Park.


View the meeting recording 

View the meeting presentation slides

Share you input on preliminary concept plans on our Open Town Hall forum.  The survey closed July 20, 2021.

View Open Town Hall Feedback on the preliminary concept plans

Summer 2023 Facility Plan Amendment Presentation to Montgomery County Planning Board for approval
Summer 2023-Summer 2024 Detail Design and Permitting
2024 Construction begins
Last Updated: February 9, 2023