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Stream Restoration & Sustainable Outfall Stabilization Program

stream restoration
stream restoration
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Project Description

The Stream Restoration Program is intended to restore degraded stream channels and protect adjacent infrastructure at various Parks throughout Montgomery County. This project makes corrective improvements to damaged stream channels, floodplains, and tributaries.

The prevention of continued erosion is a key goal as well as improving the aquatic habitats in our local eco-system. Stream protection projects are examined from a watershed perspective to identify and control the source of the problems. The use of rock and wood revetments (i.e, cross vanes, j-hooks, rock sills, riffle grade controls, root wads), in association with reforestation, floodplain enhancements, and other stream protection techniques are utilized for best results.

Stormwater outfalls (locations where concentrated flows of stormwater are released back into nature) are located throughout our Park system.  Due to impervious surfaces upstream, the stormwater often enters our parks at high velocities, causing erosion and degradation of our stream valleys.  By using sustainable techniques to stabilize these eroded outfalls in our stream valleys, we can protect both natural areas and infrastructure (trails, playgrounds, recreational open space, athletic fields, etc) from flooding, erosion, and degradation.  We can also slow the water down and create habitat. This strategy keeps our facilities safe while improving habitat and ecological function.

As outfalls eventually flow into stream channels, many projects address both Stream Restoration and Sustainable Outfall Stabilization wholistically to help enhance our riparian areas and stream valleys as a whole.


Montgomery Parks is regulated by a National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit. This permit serves to regulate sources of stormwater pollution in the parkland. Parks has a strong commitment to environmental protection and stewardship of natural resources. Even prior to receiving an NPDES permit, Parks staff took steps to protect water resources and prevent pollution. As a result of development in urban and suburban watersheds, stream channels are subject to increased stormwater flows that result in severely eroded stream banks.

Montgomery Parks contain approximately 600 miles of streams that provide valuable wildlife habitat and recreational opportunities. Stream erosion problems include stream sedimentation, destruction of aquatic habitat, undercutting of stream banks, blockage of fish migration routes, loss of floodplain access, tree loss, damage to Park infrastructure (i.e., bike paths, bridges, utilities, and other improvements), etc.  As stewards of these aquatic resources, specialized staff applies and implements a wide variety of stream restoration practices that maximize ecological competency in Montgomery County’s most urbanized watersheds.

Stream Restoration & Outfall Stabilization projects

*Timelines subject to change. Please contact the project manager for further information.

Park NameLocation Project DetailsCurrent Status
Wheaton Regional ParkGlenallan Tributary between Georgian Woods Place and Glenallan AvenueStream restoration of 1500 linear feet and outfall stabilization of 300 linear feetIn Design (100%)
Paint Branch Neighborhood Park, Tamarack Neighborhood Park, and Paint Branch Stream Valley Unit 6Outfalls near Northcrest Drive, Peacock Lane, and Collingwood Terrace, as well as tributary near Lemontree LaneStream restoration of Lemontree Tributary and outfall stabilization of Northcrest, Peacock, and Collingwood OutfallsIn Design (30%)
Great Seneca Stream Valley Unit 1Outfall near Desmet PlaceOutfall stabilization of 500 linear feetIn Design (90%)
Wheaton Regional ParkTributary near Parker AvenueStream restoration of 700 linear feetIn Design (90%)
Indian Spring Terrace Local ParkOutfall between I-495 and Flower AvenueOutfall stabilization of 300 linear feetIn Design (60%)
Great Seneca Stream Valley Park Unit 2North CreekStream restoration of 1,950 linear feetIn Design (60%)
Rock Creek Regional ParkStream and outfalls near Lake Terrace and Norbeck RoadStream restoration and outfall stabilization of a total of 2,800 linear feetIn Design (30%)
Cabin John Stream Valley Unit 3Carderock Springs Tributary between Fenway Road and River RoadStream restoration of 500 linear feetIn Design (60%)
Rock Creek Stream Valley Unit 3Outfall between Howard Avenue and Beach DriveOutfall stabilization of 500 linear feetUnder Construction
Strathmore Local ParkOutfall and tributary near Beaverwood Lane and Gate of Heaven CemeteryStream restoration and outfall stabilization of a total of 300 linear feetIn Planning
Muddy Branch Stream Valley Unit 3Rich Branch between Frances Green Drive and Manifest WayStream restoration of 500 linear feetIn Design (60%)
Last Updated: April 8, 2024