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Olney Manor Recreational Park – Playground Renovation

Project Description

This project is part of the Playground Renovation Program and will renovate one of the existing playgrounds and permanently remove the other one in different locations within the park. Olney Manor Recreational Park is located at 16601 Georgia Avenue, Olney, MD.


Olney Manor has two playgrounds that were installed in 1990. The playground near the dog park is scheduled to be renovated in the Winter 2023. The playground near the tennis courts will be permanently removed because of tree impacts and accessibility constraints.

Status/Project Update

The play equipment at Olney Manor Recreational Park in both play areas has aged beyond the point where replacement parts can be ordered. New equipment is desired to meet the needs of the community. This project will renovate the playground below the dog park. Renovations will provide new playground equipment and site upgrades, enhance accessibility, and improve stormwater management at the site.

The final design is shown below in the renderings of the equipment. Construction is scheduled to begin in Winter 2023.

Links to review meeting notes and presentations will be attached to each applicable calendar event as it is scheduled and completed. * Date and time subject to change. Please contact the project manager for updates.

Calendar and Meeting Notes Olney Manor Recreation Park Playground Renovation

Time Topic
Summer 2021 Project Begins
Fall 2021 Survey and preliminary assessment of site conditions developed.
Develop playground renovation concept plan based on existing conditions assessment.
Summer 2022 Post plan for community review
Summer/ Fall 2022 Develop detailed design and obtain permits.
Winter 2023 Construction to begin.

Last Updated: April 8, 2024