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Meadowbrook Local Park Renovation Project

Project Description

Various improvements are planned and will soon be under construction at Meadowbrook Local Park.  The park is located on Meadowbrook Lane, located near Beach Drive along Rock Creek and East-West Highway.  The improvements will occur at the historic Meadowbrook Recreation Center, also known as the Park Activity Building (PAB), underground utilities serving the PAB, and exterior and ADA improvements surrounding the PAB and outdoor recreation areas.

The improvement projects will begin construction in the summer of 2022 and continue throughout the winter and into early 2023. Three projects will be phased during this timeframe and a fourth is currently in design with a definitive schedule yet to be established. The projects consist of the following:

  1. Water line replacement to the PAB;
  2. Interior upgrades and roof replacement at the PAB;
  3. Various exterior improvements in the vicinity of the PAB including parking, trail, walkway, and ADA accessibility upgrades at the basketball and tennis courts; and
  4. Bridge replacement, parking lot enhancements, and other improvements along Beach Drive.


The 44.8-acre park has also been known as “Candy Cane City,” a name derived from the playground equipment proximate to the building, once adorned with red and white stripes.  The park contains historic resources including the Meadowbrook Stables and PAB, which is listed in the Maryland Historic Trust (36-90). The PAB is a one-story structure built in the tradition of the National Park Service’s early rustic “parkitecture” style and was constructed by the Civilian Conservation Corps in 1940. It is currently used as an activity building available for rent by the public.  In addition to the PAB and playground, the park enjoys numerous recreational opportunities including athletic fields, the Rock Creek Trail, basketball and tennis courts and the Meadowbrook Stables.

Status/Project Update

A Historic Area Work Permit was approved in April 2022 enabling improvements and upgrades to the historic portions of the PAB.  A building permit has been issued for the building renovations and roof replacement. Permitting is currently underway for exterior improvements.

The PAB is currently CLOSED for renovations for the waterline replacement, building renovation, and exterior improvements.

Meadowbrook Local Park Renovation Project Park Renovations Calendar and Meeting Notes

Start/ Completion Dates Work Program Status
Fall/Winter 2022 Waterline replacement project Complete
Winter 2022/Summer 2023 Public Activity Building renovation On going
Summer 2023/Fall 2023 Exterior improvements Scheduled
TBD Bridge Replacement TBD

M-NCPPC Staff Contacts

Waterline Replacement Project
Jay Childs, Construction Manager
(301) 495-2574

Jennifer Bruneau, Project Manager
(301) 495-2568

PAB Renovation Project

John Gamba, Construction Manager
(240) 315-3172

Pam Guevarra-Johnson, Project Manager
(301) 495-3588

ADA/ Exterior Improvement Project

Steve Morsberger, Construction Manager

Bob Green, Project Manager
(301) 495-2571

Bridge Replacement Project

Brian Lewandowski, Project Manager
(301) 495-2516

Last Updated: August 18, 2023