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The Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission

Native Plant Sale to support Locust Grove Nature Center

Spring Native Plant Sale – Two Ways to Shop

Browse the available plants on ActiveMontgomery beginning the Friday before sales open. Build your plant wish list at any time before May 1. The list may change as plants emerge.

1. Online: Sale begins May 1. Plant pick-up May 11 by appointment only.

2. In-Person Sale: May 18 and 19, 10a-2pm each day

  • *NEW* Sale location: Pope Farm Nursey: 7400 Airpark Road, Gaithersburg. Please note: Pope Farm is only open to the public during sale hours.
  • Directions (please read):
    • From MD-124/Woodfield Rd going south: Left on Airpark Rd. Pass Antares Dr. and make next right into nursery. Entrance not well-marked, slow down. It is immediately after the yellow road curve sign that says 40 MPH. Once on the nursery driveway, follow road signs to the sale.
    • From Hwy 115/Muncaster Mill Rd going northwest: Right on Airpark Rd. Road median will disappear. Make next left into nursery. Entrance not well-marked, slow down. Once on the nursery driveway, follow road signs to the sale.
  • All plants are a limited supply and are first come, first served.
  • Gates do not open until 10 am each day.
  • Cash and credit card will be accepted.  No minimum purchase requirement.
  • We recommend that you bring a bin or box for your plants.
  • Day-of concerns, contact the Naturalist on Duty 301-765-8666 
  • By Wed the week of our current native plant list will be shared below, showing what plants will be available during the In-Person Sale. Please note that the list is subject to change based on our inventory numbers.

Plant information:

In Person Sale Plant List

Latin NameCommon Name
Agastache foeniculumanise hyssop
Agastache nepetoidesyellow giant hyssop
Allium cernuumnodding onion
Allium tricoccumramps
Amsonia hubrichtiithreadleaf bluestar
Andropogon glomeratusbushy bluestem
Andropogon ternarius ‘Black Mountain’Black Mountain bluestem
Anemone virginianatall thimbleweed
Antennaria howelliiHowell’s pussytoes
Antennaria neglectafield pussytoes
Antennaria plantaginifoliaplantainleaf pussytoes 
Aquilegia canadensiswild columbine
Aralia racemosaAmerican spikenard
Arisaema triphyllumjack-in-the-pulpit
Asarum canadensewild ginger
Asclepias incarnataswamp milkweed
Asclepias purpurascens purple milkweed
Asclepias tuberosa butterfly milkweed
Baptisia australisblue wild indigo
Baptisia tinctoriayellow wild indigo
Carex albicans white-tinged sedge
Carex cherokeensischerokee sedge
Carex glaucodeablue sedge
Carex grayiGray’s sedge
Carex laxiculmisspreading sedge
Carex radiataeastern star sedge
Carex rosearosy sedge
Carex socialislow woodland sedge
Carex woodiiWood’s sedge
Cerastium velutinumfield chickweed
Chelone glabrawhite turtlehead
Chrysopsis marianaMaryland goldenaster
Clematis virginianavirgin’s bower
Clinopodium vulgarewild basil
Conoclinium coelestinum blue mistflower
Coreopsis verticillatawhorled tickseed
Cunila origanoidescommon dittany
Delphinium exaltatumtall larkspur
Dicentra canadensis squirrel corn
Dioscorea villosawild yam
Echinacea purpureapurple coneflower
Echinacea ‘White Swan’ ‘White Swan’ coneflower
Echinacea ‘Fragrant Angel’‘Fragrant Angel’ coneflower
Elymus hystrixeastern bottlebrush grass
Eragrostis spectabilispurple love grass
Eryngium yuccifoliumrattlesnake master
Eupatorium hyssopifoliumhyssopleaf thoroughwort
Eupatorium perfoliatumboneset
Eupatorium rotundifoliumroundleaf thoroughwort
Eurybia divaricata white wood aster
Euthamia graminifoliaflat top goldenrod
Eutrochium dubiumcoastal Joe Pye weed
Eutrochium fistulosumhollow Joe Pye weed
Gentiana clausabottle gentian
Geranium maculatumwild geranium
Helenium flexuosumsouthern sneezeweed
Helianthus decapetalusten petaled sunflower
Helianthus divaricatuswoodland sunflower
Helianthus giganteusgiant sunflower
Helianthus occidentaliswestern sunflower
Heliopsis helianthoidesoxeye sunflower
Heuchera americanacoral bells
Heuchera villosahairy coral bells
Hibiscus coccineusscarlet rosemallow
Hibiscus laevishalberdleaf rosemallow
Hibiscus moscheutosswamp rosemallow
Hydrophyllum canadensecanada waterleaf
Iris versicolorblueflag Iris
Juncus effususcommon rush
Lespedeza violaceaviolet bushclover
Liatris pilosashaggy blazing star
Liatris squarrosascaly blazing star
Lillium superbumTurk’s cap lily
Lobelia cardinaliscardinal flower
Lobelia siphiliticagreat blue lobelia
Lonicera sempervirenstrumpet honeysuckle
Ludwigia alternifoliaseedbox
Luzula echinatahedgehog woodrush
Lysimachia lanceolata var. purpurealanceleaf loostrife 
Maianthemum racemosumfalse Solomon’s Seal
Mertensia virginicaVirginia bluebell
Mimulus ringensmonkeyflower
Monarda clinopodiawhite bergamot
Monarda didymascarlet beebalm
Monarda fistulosawild bergamot 
Monarda ‘Gardenview Scarlet’beebalm ‘Gardenview Scarlet’
Monarda ‘Judith’s Fancy Fuchsia’beebalm ‘Judith’s Fancy Fuchsia’
Monarda punctataspotted beebalm
Oenothera fruticosanarrow leaved sundrops
Packera aureagolden ragwort
Packera obovata roundleaf ragwort
Penstemon calycosuscalico beardtongue
Penstemon digitalisfoxglove beardtongue
Penstemon hirsutushairy beardtongue
Phlox divaricatawoodland phlox
Phlox paniculatafall phlox
Phlox stoloniferacreeping phlox
Phlox subulatamoss phlox
Podophyllum peltatummay apple
Polemonium reptansjacob’s ladder
Polygonatum biflorumsmooth solomon’s seal
Pycnanthemum incanumhoary mountain mint
Pycnanthemum muticumclustered mountain mint
Pycnanthemum tenuifoliumnarrowleaf mountain mint
Pycnanthemum torreyiTorrey’s mountain mint
Pycnanthemum virginianumVirginia mountain mint
Rudbeckia fulgidaorange coneflower
Rudbeckia trilobabrown-eyed susan
Ruellia caroliniensiscarolina wild petunia
Ruellia humilisfringeleaf wild petunia
Ruellia strepenslimestone wild petunia
Salvia lyratalyreleaf sage
Scutellaria incanadowny skullcap
Scutellaria integrifoliahyssop skullcap
Sedum ternatumwild stonecrop
Senna marilandicaMaryland wild senna
Silphium asteriscus var trifoliatumwhorled rosinweed
Sisyrinchium angustifoliumblue eyed grass
Sium suavewater parsnip
Solidago bicolorsilverrod
Solidago caesiawreath goldenrod
Solidago erectaslender goldenrod
Solidago flexicauliszig-zag goldenrod
Solidago junceaearly goldenrod
Solidago nemoralisgrey goldenrod
Solidago odorasweet goldenrod
Solidago rugosawrinkleleaf goldenrod
Solidago speciosashowy goldenrod
Sorghastrum nutansIndian grass
Spigelia marilandicaIndian pink
Stellaria puberastar chickweed
Strophostyles umbelatapink fuzzy bean
Symphyotrichum cordifoliumblue wood aster
Symphyotrichum laevesmooth aster
Symphyotrichum novae-angliaeNew England aster
Symphyotrichum oblongifoliumaromatic aster
Thalictrum pubescenstall meadow rue
Thalictrum revolutum Malewaxy leaved meadow rue
Thalictrum revolutum Femalewaxy leaved meadow rue
Thalictrum thalictroidesrue anemone
Tiarella cordifoliaheartleaf foamflower
Tradescantia virginianaVirginia spiderwort
Trillium cuneatum little sweet Betsy
Verbena hastatablue vervain
Vernonia noveboracensisNew York ironweed
Veronicastrum virginicumculver’s root
Viola primulifoliaprimrose leaved violet
Viola pubescensdowny yellow violet
Viola striatastriped cream violet
Zizia aureagolden alexanders
Dryopteris marginalismarginal fern
Matteuccia struthiopterisostrich fern
Osmundastrum cinnamomeumcinnamon fern
Osmunda spectabilisroyal fern
Polystichum acrostichoidesChristmas fern
Aronia arbutifoliared chokeberry
Asimina trilobapawpaw
Callicarpa americanaAmerican beautyberry 
Carya ovatashagbark hickory
Cephalanthus occidentalis ‘Sugar Shack’buttonbush
Cercis canadensisredbud
Chionanthus virginicusfringetree
Cornus alternifoliapagoda dogwood
Cornus amomumsilky dogwood
Cornus florida flowering dogwood
Diospyros virginianapersimmon
Ilex glabrainkberry
Ilex opacaamerican holly
Ilex verticillatawinterberry
Itea virginica ‘Henery’s Garnet’Virginia sweetspire
Lindera benzoinspicebush
Prunus americanaAmerican plum
Rhus aromatica ‘Gro Low’gro low sumac
Rhus glabrasmooth sumac
Rhus typhina staghorn sumac
Rosa virginiana Virginina rose 
Spiraea tomentosasteeplebush
Viburnum acerfoliummapleleaf viburnum
Viburnum prunifoliumblackhaw viburnum

Prices including tax:

  • Quarts $7 (premium plants priced at $10)
  • Gallons $10 (premium plants priced at $13)
  • 2 Gallons $25,  3 Gallons $40, 5 Gallons $60, 7 Gallons $80
  • Trees and Shrubs – 7 gallons are pre-order only, limited trees and shrubs will be available at the live sale.
  • Note prices on ActiveMontgomery display lower prices, because they do not include tax until checkout.  This is the case on your printed receipts as well.
  • All plants are local Montgomery County ecotype unless otherwise noted. We offer a few popular cultivars and regional native species.
  • Fall is the best time to plant woody plants so they establish strong roots before spring!

Planting and care information:

  • Check that your plant choice matches your location before you order, either using the plant information provided or other helpful resources.
  • When planting, give your plants the best start by digging a hole twice the size of the pot, breaking up the bottom of the root ball, and then planting at the soil surface level to the ground while refilling under and around with a mix of the original soil and compost (we like LeafGro as a MD recycled product).
  • Be sure to pat the soil in so that it is firm but not compacted and then water in to settle the soil and fill any gaps.
  • Native plants should be watered every 2-3 days for the first 2 weeks, then every 4-5 days for the next 2 weeks and after that just when they are looking droopy.
  • Most native plants settle in quickly if planted in the right conditions and are the best for low maintenance plantings.
  • You are responsible for properly planting and caring for your plants- we recommend planting within a week of purchase and watering or checking on them daily in a partial shade location protected from wildlife while still in pots.
  • Please be aware that trees and shrubs may have some cosmetic flaws- we use Integrated Pest Management and minimal sprays or treatments as our plants are grown primarily for restoration projects where they receive minimal follow-up care and need to become wild and self-sufficient quickly.
  • We will consider a refund or exchange within a week if the plant is still in the pot and shows an issue of disease, otherwise, they leave the nursery healthy and are in your care so we hope you treat your new ‘babies’ with all the TLC that they deserve as the become homes for wildlife in your yard.

Online Plant Sale: Shopping Tips:

Sale begins May 1 at 8am and closes May 5 at midnight (unless items or pickups sell out sooner)
Pickup Date: May 11 by appointment only at Pope Farm Nursey 7400 Airpark Rd. Gaithersburg

Prepare for the sale

  • Confirm you are able to log into your ActiveMontgomery account or if you don’t yet have an account, create an account on ActiveMontgomery  (Problem with your account? Contact our help team at info@activemontgomery.org or 301.495.2580)
  • Between Friday April 25 and Wed May 1 at 8am, you can browse the list of available plants and pickup times and build a wish list (click on the three dots next to an item and select “add to wish list”). A pickup time must be included in your cart in order to check out.

Search the plant list

  • Use the keyword search field to find exactly what you are looking for. Helpful keywords may include:  shrub, tree, grass, a common name or scientific name.
  • Use the subtype sort to filter by size. For example “LGNC Native 2 Gallon” Woody plants are 3 or 5 gallon, herbaceous are quarts and gallons.

Make your purchase

  • Once the sale opens; add at least $100 worth of plants and a preorder pick-up time to your cart to complete your order
  • If you have previously created a wish list, log into your account, view “My Account” and then “wish list” to complete your purchase.
  • Due to demand and limited staffing, we are not able to make changes to orders.
  • If you have a second order – select “LGNC Preorder Pickup 2nd Order” as your pickup time. This will help us gather all your plants on your first selected pickup time.
  • A receipt for your purchase will be provided by email.
  • You will receive a follow-up email with detailed pickup instructions a couple days before pickup.
  • Arrive on time for your pickup appointment, take your new babies home, and get them planted.
  • If you didn’t get enough plants, come see us at the live sale the next weekend!