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Social Story Black Hill Regional Park & Discovery Center

Social stories aid children by helping them learn how to respond appropriately to daily activities or events.

Welcome to Black Hill Regional Park & Discovery Center

When you arrive, you will see a sign at the edge of the road welcoming you.
Turn into the entrance and continue down the road.


The road to get to the Discovery Center is long, so don’t worry if don’t see it.
Make sure to pass the Maintenance Yard Road and keep right at the Welcome Board.

A brown sign that says "Black Hill Regional Park, Montgomery County Dept. of Parks"
Black Hill Regional Park Sign
A brown sign that says "Maintenance Yard MNCPPC Montgomery County 21021"
Maintenance Yard Sign
A brown and stone sign on a grassy area.
Welcome Board at Black Hill Regional Park


Black Hill has many parking locations.

A large parking lot with trees and grass and a shed near the Discovery Center

Discovery Center

The Black Hill Discovery Center is not always open, check hours before arriving to see if it will be available.
To enter, follow the wooden fencing to 2 doors, which can be opened with a switch.

A concrete path lined with wooden rails to the Black Hill Discovery Center
Walkway at Black Hill
A door to the Discovery Center that has signs
Center door at Black Hill Discover Center

Inside the Discovery Center

The center has maps available of the park, a safe view of the lake, bathrooms, and a small space to sit if you need a break

An image of the inside of the Discovery Center with large windows, plants and wooden rocking chairs.
Inside the Discovery Center
An area inside of the Discovery Center that includes plants, tables and rocking chairs
Inside the Discovery Center
An orange bulletin board that says "What's Up" with clouds, rainbows and signs.
Bulletin Board

Nature Programs

Black Hill offers many nature programs year-round at the park including camps, hikes, special awareness projects, and water events. Check the Black Hill website to see what is available.

Nature Play Spaces and Sensory Station

Around the center are 13 nature play spaces to use. They include a garden, pond beehive, sensory spaces, and logs to climb. To the right of the discovery center is the meadow, logs, and kid’s garden. The kid’s garden is near the top of the hill, while the logs are at the bottom.

A slightly raised garden bed with pink, purple and yellow flowers.
Garden Beds
A manmade beehive house with a green roof
Bee Hotel
A small pond with rocks, flowers and signs about pond habitats
A shady area with benches, signs and pathways
Children’s Garden
An image with grass, logs and other natural play materials
Nature Play Space

Right next to the Discovery Center there are small sensory stations with water and small tactile things to help with sensory overload. The area is designed for everyone to use.

A pebble harp and colorful bird feeder
A Pebble Harp and Little Free Library
An image of various sizes of water tables and grass
Water Sensory Play Area


Black Hill has 2 playgrounds with paved walkway accessibility.
There is also a dog park with parking, where dogs can be allowed off leash to run.

An image of a red and tan playground with slides, stairs, and swings.
A fence with a sign that says "Dog Exercise Area"
Dog Park

Lake Accessibility Parking

There are close reserved parking spaces near the lake and the parks and bathrooms.
On the lake there are roll on docks and kayak launching aids.

A long parking lot
Parking lot

Boat Rentals

Kayaks, pedal boats, and rowboats can be rented Thursday- Sunday to take on the lake. Make sure to wear something that can get wet. Boats are not for rent are privately owned and cannot be used.

An image of a floating dock with dark gray canoes and teal paddleboats.
Boat Rental Docks
A gray and brown square building that says "Black Hill Boat Rental" Rentals and Returns
Black Hill Boat Rental
Beach access to the lake with small boats
Rental Boats


There are 4 bathrooms throughout Black Hill, 1 in the Discovery Center, 1 near the lake parking, 1 in the middle of the park near the biggest playground, and 1 near Picnic Shelters G and H. All are divided between boy and girl.

A small orange sign that says "Restrooms" with a left arrow and a male and female icon
Sign to restroom
A brown building with water fountains and doors to enter the restrooms along a paved pathway
Outdoor restroom area near the biggest playground.

Inside Bathrooms

All bathrooms include accessible toilets, sinks, and hand dryers as well as paper towels.

An accessible toilet stall with grab bars
Accessible Bathroom Stall
Two standard height sinks and one lowered height and a green step stool inside of the bathroom
Accessible sinks in bathroom.

Paved Path

There is a main paved looping path around the park.
There are many places to access and leave the trail when tired, as well as some benches.

A paved trail at Black Hill Regional Park with trees and grass on either side
Paved Pathway
A bench positioned along a paved pathway under a tree.
Seating at Black Hill Regional Park

Additional Parking

Black Hill forms a driving loop with many parking locations.
Look for brown signs that say what’s near the parking spot.

A brown sign that says "Boat Rental Pontoon Boat Tours restrooms Parking Lot 5"
Additional Parking

Additional Information

There are lots of sunny places so you might want to wear a hat and sunscreen. You might also want to wear bug spray to keep away ticks and gnats. The park gets very crowded on weekends, and there might be large horses on some unpaved trails.

An image of a butterfly on a red flower with a purple flower behind it
A sign that says "Black Hill Trail" with icons representing horse trail, persons trail and bike trail.
Trail Signage