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Wheaton Regional Park Project: Action Sports Park  

Aerial map of Wheaton Regional Park, park activity areas, and locations of upcoming projects in the Rubini Athletic Complex.
Enlarged aerial map of the Rubini Athletic Complex, showing approximate boundaries of three projects: Action Sports Park, parking/court renovation project, and ballfield maintenance yard project.


During the public outreach for the Wheaton Regional Park (WRP) Master Plan, the community identified skate parks as one of the most desired amenities not currently provided in the park. This response aligns with a growing regional demand for skateboarding and adventure biking. As a result, the hallmark recommendation of the 2022 Master Plan is an Action Sports Park in Wheaton Regional Park.   

In 2023, Montgomery Parks also embarked on a Countywide Skate Park Survey to gauge the needs and interests of skaters and riding/rolling enthusiasts. This countywide community input informs skating priorities and establishes a strategy for new skate parks, including the Action Sports Park.  

The community feedback received during the Master Plan and Skate Park Survey serves as the foundation for the Action Sports Park project.  

Project Description  

The goal of the Action Sports Park is to provide a safe, inclusive, and engaging adventure sports experience alongside spaces for social connection and environmental improvements. The new park should serve a diversity of ages (kids, teens, adults, families) and ability levels (beginners through advanced). 

Collage showing and listing potential new amenities in the Action Sports Park, including a skate park, pump track, bike skills track, climbing, bouldering, fitness, parkour, obstacle course, children's adventure play area (playground), beginners skate park, kid’s wheeled play area, tree planting and reforestation areas, viewing, seating and social areas, event lawn, water mister, shade, ADA access improvements.

Montgomery Parks is currently evaluating what activities could be included in the Action Sports Park. Some of the potential amenities include a skate park, pump track, bike skills track, climbing, bouldering, fitness, parkour, obstacle course, children’s adventure play area (playground), beginners skate park, and a kid’s wheeled play area (traffic garden, bike skills area, skate spot, and pump track for beginners). The complex will also likely have viewing and seating/ social areas, an event lawn and open space, water misters, shade structures, as well as ADA improvements.

Preliminary design concepts are also being developed. These concept designs evaluate how the potential amenities fit together as well as how the project fits within the larger Rubini Complex and with future projects (e.g., court and parking lot renovations, Nairn Trail). The concept designs consider viewsheds, drainage, shade, noise, maintenance, and trail connections. Montgomery Parks will seek feedback on the preliminary programming ideas and initial concept designs during upcoming public meetings, surveys, focus groups and other community engagement opportunities.  

A detailed design phase will occur after this initial concept design process. 

Existing Conditions 

The approximately eight-acre Action Sports Park project site is surrounded by Field 3 (north), park entry road (east), trees and private residences (south) and forest (west). Refer to the Rubini Athletic Complex map for more information. 

The construction of the athletic fields in the 1960s/70s cleared forest, regraded the site, and encroached upon a stream valley buffer. Steep slopes surround the project site, which currently lacks stormwater management and does not meet accessibility guidelines. The entry drive and parking lots do not provide protected separation for pedestrians and bicycles. During daytime hours on weekdays, this section of the park is typically sparsely utilized. This project seeks to improve these issues with a recreational amenity that is safe, equitable, restorative, and activated.  

Other amenities in the Rubini Athletic Complex include the tennis bubble, ice rink, courts, Fields 1-3, sports pavilion, trails and dog park. The Action Sports Park will not alter these facilities. To ensure continuity of service, Montgomery Parks is studying how to construct the Action Sports Park while maintaining public access to these existing amenities.  

Status/Project Update  

Montgomery Parks recently developed two concept alternatives for the Action Sports Park. These concepts are based on Master Plan recommendations and community feedback from the Countywide Skate Park survey. Site analysis, program amenity research and input from Parks staff also informed the preliminary designs. These two designs will be presented at the April 3 public meeting and used as a starting point for discussion. The community will also be able to provide feedback via an online public survey. Please continue to check this website for future updates, including the concept plans and online survey.   

Calendar and Meeting Notes  

*Dates and times are subject to change. Please contact the Project Manager for the latest update.

Project Dates  Project Notes
June 2022 Wheaton Regional Park Master Plan (including an Action Sports Park at the Rubini Athletic Complex) was approved by the Montgomery County Planning Board.  
Late 2022 – Early 2024Program Development and Preliminary Concept Design Phase: Internal project initiation work, including topographic survey, site analysis, programming research, concept studies, and initial public outreach
January 29, 2024 Wheaton Arts and Entertainment Advisory Board: Youth Town Hall at Wheaton Library/Recreation Center
February 14, 2024 Presentation at the Commission on People with Disabilities February meeting 
April 3, 2024 
7 pm – 8:30 pm
Virtual community meeting #1
View the recording
Vea la grabación
Spring 2024 – Spring 2025  Preliminary Design and additional public outreach 
Fall/Winter 2024Virtual community meeting #2
2025 – 2026 (anticipated)  Detailed Design and focus groups
2026 – 2028 (anticipated)Anticipated Construction
Last Updated: April 25, 2024