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Home / Submission 4 – Reach Higher

Submission 4 – Reach Higher

Home / Submission 4 – Reach Higher

Inspiration: With Reach Higher, I wanted to bring some color, positivity, and vibrancy to the Gene Lynch Urban Park. I thought that an area which is currently very gray and concrete filled (but modern and well designed) might benefit from a pop of fun energy! After extensive research and figuring out what creative direction I might like to take that helps to embody the community while paying respects to Gene Lynch, I focused on this quote stated by Gene Lynch himself. (listed on his flower box plaque dedication at the park corner):

“Always put your children first and teach them to reach higher, every day, with compassion and strength; for they are your best contribution to the world.”

I felt that this quote not only pays respects to Gene Lynch and his legacy, but honors and showcases the potential in a vibrant community filled with compassionate and hard working families with children who have a bright vision for the future. I wanted to bring this quote to life through my vibrant art and iconic imagery in a fun, modern, and durable exterior medium.

You’ll notice a youthful figure atop a staircase that resembles a city scape or buildings structure (“we built this city”) reaching for a star within a magenta colored flower (a symbol of compassion); a rainbow swirl (a symbol of brighter days, imagination, creativity and water); a yellow flower with a smiley face (a symbol of joy, sunshine, and positivity); a globe (a representation of a child’s potential reach and influence); a blue butterfly (a symbol of growth and transformation); and lastly, a garden of heart shaped plants (a symbol of strength and community brought together by hard work, love, and resilience).

I wanted to keep my concept simple and bright, but fun and interesting. I wanted the community to enjoy thinking a little deeper to interpret the artwork and its meaning.