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Submission 3 – Swarm

Home / Submission 3 – Swarm

Inspiration: I was first inspired by the captivating beauty of the Mid-Atlantic seaboard and the mission of the neighboring National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). The sculpture concepts use organic forms and flowing lines, similar to the pergola structure’s laser cut fish scale pattern, to evoke the grace and vitality of the natural world. The artwork aims to serve as a visual reminder of our deep connection to the environment, urging us to embrace our role as stewards of the Earth and advocates for ocean preservation.

This interdependence and advocacy are also a metaphor for the deep community work that Gene Lynch dedicated his life to and Silver Spring’s intention behind this shared greenspace. Through the integration of various elements and symbols, it represents the strength found in unity and inclusivity. By combining these motifs, the artwork aims to foster a sense of responsibility for the natural world and promotes the values of a strong community. It calls upon viewers to reflect on their place within this tapestry of life, encouraging them to embrace their role in creating a sustainable and harmonious future for Silver Spring, and beyond.

‘SWARM’ is a captivating artwork inspired by the mesmerizing formations of fish schools. It celebrates the power of community and unity through color and light.

By abstracting a form generated by the synchronized movements of fish, the artwork represents the strength that emerges when individuals come together for a common purpose. Just as these fish create breathtaking patterns through collective harmony, a community coming together to take action can be a transformative experience and a beautiful moment to witness.

Fabrication: This sculpture will be made from layers of clear panels with particles of translucent colors and dichroic films that are suspended in space. This process will make a frozen dimensional form with a feeling of constant motion as patrons will experience a parallax effect as they view the art. The layers harness the natural sunlight in a kaleidoscopic way during the day and have integrated lighting for the evening.  

Materials: LED lighting, laser cut aluminum, stainless steel cable, glass, dichroic panels, and acrylic