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Warner Circle Special Park

Project Description

This project at the Warner Circle Special Park will include the adaptive reuse of the historic Circle Manor and Carriage House buildings into residential units by Washington Landmark Construction (WLC) and will provide for the continued operation of the public open space by Montgomery Parks.


The 4.5-acre Warner Circle Special Park was acquired in 2005-2006 through the Legacy Open Space program to preserve the historic landscape as public parkland and to preserve the historic buildings by providing a public benefit through their adaptive reuse.

The Park was originally the home of Brainard Warner, the founder of the Town of Kensington and a significant figure in the development of Montgomery County. The Park includes a large 1893-1914 Queen Anne house and a 1914 carriage house. More recently, the property served as a nursing home and included two large additions, which have since been removed.

The property is a primary resource in the Kensington Historic District, listed on the Montgomery County Master Plan for Historic Preservation and the National Register of Historic Places.  Additionally, it is subject to a preservation easement held by the Maryland Historical Trust.

Since the Park was acquired, significant work has been undertaken by M-NCPPC’s Montgomery Parks to improve and expand the open space and to stabilize the historic structures.  After much study and consideration, Montgomery Parks and the County reached an agreement with WLC to restore the buildings to residential use, thus implementing the M-NCPPC’s intent to preserve the site’s historic character and to maintain the Park for public enjoyment.

Status/Project Update

In September 2022, M-NCPPC signed a Development Agreement and Contract of Sale with WLC and the County for the establishment of a condominium regime to include three condominium units: the Warner Circle Special Park, the Warner Circle Manor and the Carriage House.  WLC intends to develop the Manor and the Carriage House into residential condominium units through the adaptive reuse of the buildings, as well as through the construction of an addition.  The Park unit will remain a public park.  The project is currently in a due diligence study phase which will include testing of soils and the completion of a detailed survey.

Calendar and Meeting Notes

*Dates and times subject to change.  Please contact the project manager for updates.

Date/TimeEvents/Meeting Notes
2005 – 2006Land Acquisition
June 2013 – March 2014Demolition of nursing home wings and
work to reconstruct the stone terrace and restore
the loop road
2016 – 2017Engage WLC in discussions about the adaptive
reuse of the property
November 2018Issue a Letter of Intent to WLC for the creation of a
condominium regime and for the sale of the buildings
for residential use
April 2019Maryland Board of Public Works approved the proposed
condominium regime and sale of the buildings
February 2022Montgomery County Planning Board approved the
disposition of the Manor and Carriage House buildings,
and the proposed condominium regimes
September 2022M-NCPPC entered a Development Agreement and
Contract of Sale with WLC and the County
October 2022Contract Study Period
Last Updated: April 8, 2024