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Sligo Creek Trail Realignment Project at Colt Terrace Neighborhood Park

Project Description

This project will reroute a portion of Sligo Creek Trail to benefit the environment and trail users. The existing trail alignment south of Orebaugh Avenue runs through mature upland forest and a low-lying, environmentally sensitive wetland within the Sligo Creek floodplain. M-NCPPC plans to remove this portion of the trail to restore the natural habitat and preserve mature forest, including interior forest habitat. If the existing trail was renovated according to current trail standards at this location, there would be undesired impacts to this sensitive area.
The existing trail through Colt Terrace Neighborhood Park will be maintained and resurfaced. East-west trail connectivity will be improved by the construction of a new hard-surface trail between Colt Terrace Neighborhood Park and the northern end of the existing trail near Orebaugh Avenue. An existing natural surface trail between Orebaugh and Colt Terrace will be restored to natural condition and trail users will be directed to the new east-west connector trail. Stormwater management will be constructed to treat runoff from the new impervious trail surface as well as appropriate plantings for the location.


Sligo Creek Trail is a roughly 10.2-mile, hard surface trail and one of the oldest in Montgomery County. The trail is the heaviest-used facility in the stream valley park and provides recreation for persons of all ages and abilities. Several paved, and a few unpaved, trails are scattered throughout the stream valley and connect to other park facilities, schools, and neighborhoods to the main trail. Various sections of the trail have been renovated and are scheduled for future renovations. Each portion will be reviewed by the parks’ multi-disciplined team to ensure the trails are renovated by balancing the demands of recreation and the stewardship of the stream valley parks and their resources.

Status/Project Update

The project is in the design stage. Permitting is under review and M-NCPPC is awaiting permit approval and final construction documents to schedule construction. M-NCPPC anticipates construction will begin in the spring of 2025.

Calendar and Meeting Notes

* Date and time subject to change. Please contact the project manager for updates

Project TimelineProject Stage
Fall 2023-Spring 2024Detailed Design and Permitting
Tuesday, March 26, 2024Virtual Community Meeting.
Spring 2025Anticipated Construction
Spring 2025Anticipated Project Completion
Last Updated: June 12, 2024