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Our sponsorships are mutually beneficial relationships with local, regional, and national businesses and nonprofit organizations to:

  • Raise revenue to enhance, expand and sustain programs, facilities and services for the benefit of the public; and to
  • Increase awareness of M-NCPPC Montgomery Parks and its programs, facilities and services among new audiences.

Sponsorship Q&A

What is sponsorship?
A “sponsorship” is a mutually beneficial business relationship where two entities exchange things of value. Therefore, sponsors are typically seeking public recognition, publicity and advertising opportunities in exchange for cash or in-kind support (like products or services) for the Parks.

How will we use the sponsorship money?
We will use the revenue generated through the program to support Park programs and priorities.

How will this impact my park experience?
Montgomery Parks will retain full control over all sponsorship recognition benefits and messages, and will work to avoid or minimize adverse impact on the park visitor’s experience.

How can I become a sponsor?
Contact Jaclyn Riedel, the Corporate Sponsorship Manager of the Montgomery County Parks Foundation at 301-495-9340 or via email at to learn more.

Last Updated: October 22, 2018