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Woodstock Equestrian Park Master Plan

Division: Park Planning and Stewardship

This project has moved to our Park Development Division, for the facility planning for this park. Please contact | 301-650-2860 with questions and comments.

The Plan

Woodstock Equestrian Park Master Plan (PDF, 4MB) – Adopted January 2002 – Amended March 2004. Rural Planning Area – Beallsville

Woodstock Equestrian Park is located off of Maryland Route 28 north of Beallsville, in the northwest corner of Montgomery County, Maryland. The property consists of rolling agricultural fields, natural forests and streams.

This document contains the text, with supporting maps and tables, for the Woodstock Equestrian Park Master Plan. This Plan amends the July 1998 Countywide Park Trails Plan. It contains land use, zoning, transportation, environmental, public facilities, historic resources, and implementation recommendation for the Woodstock Equestrian Park and surrounding area.

Table of Contents
Plan Concepts
Plan Elements
Plan Recommendations

Moritz Greenberg Equestrian Center
Dr. William Rickman Equestrian Center
Architectural Design Elements
Route 28 Trail Crossing Local & County-Wide Trail Network
Open Space Pattern
Potential Equestrian Activities at Woodstock

Historic Tour

Phase 1
Future Phases

Management & Maintenance
Technical Appendix

Planning Process
Background Studies
Compatibility with Related Master Plans
Public Process
Natural Resource Inventory
Archaeological & Cultural Investigations
Prehistoric Resources


Plant Species List
Wildlife & Breeding Bird List
List of Historic Sites
List of July 26, 2001 Public Information Meeting Response

Last Updated: April 30, 2018