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Wheaton Regional Park – Shorefield Fitness Station

Division: Park Development

Wheaton Regional Park aerieal photo

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Project Description

This is a new amenity coming in Wheaton Regional Park Shorefield Area, located at 2000 Shorefield Road, Wheaton. The project includes a roughly 1800 square feet (sq) of fitness station with seven (7) equipment, relocation of existing three (3) accessible parking spaces, and an accessible walkway that connects the fitness station with bathroom building, Pine Lake Trail, parking lot, and playground area.


The Shorefield Area of Wheaton Regional Park, accessible via Georgia Avenue and Shorefield Road, offers visitors a variety of park experiences and is a popular destination for residents of Montgomery County and beyond.

The north side of the Shorefield area was formally occupied by the old Shorefield House, which was removed in 2014.  This area of the park has been slated for reactivation. It is next to the north parking lot and has convenient access to the restroom, Adventure Playground, and newly constructed Pine Lake Trail. As a kick-off of the reactivation, Parks is going to first put in a fitness station in the open lawn area facing the restroom, on the other side of the Pine Lake Trail. The fitness station is located on the future loop trail and is not far from the Adventure Playground. It will be a new destination for exercise and family activities.

The construction of the fitness station will be associated with relocating accessible parking spaces and provide an accessible route from the parking lot to the playground, restroom, trail and the fitness station.

Status/Project Update

The project is currently under design and permit application. Construction is expected to start and complete in Spring 2020.

Calendar and Meeting Notes

Fall/Winter 2019 Develop construction documents
Spring 2020 Fitness station construction begins
September 2020 Fitness station construction complete

M-NCPPC Staff Contact

Wen Huang, Project Manager
(301) 495-2466


Last Updated: September 16, 2020