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Valleywood Neighborhood Park Project




Project Description

This project will renovate the existing playground while also providing improved accessibility, additional park improvements, and stormwater management. Valleywood Neighborhood Park is located at 13115 Valleywood Drive, Wheaton, MD.

Status/Project Update

The design process is beginning, and a community meeting was held on January 19th, 2023.

Additional public comments were collected via an online survey. The design concept below is based on community input.

Playground Design Concept

The proposed playground at Valleywood Neighborhood Park will significantly expand the current play equipment offerings within the park. The new playground will include a set of swings (accommodating toddlers, older children, and children with physical disabilities), a new play structure for children 2 to 5 years old, a new play structure for children 5 to 12 years old, a freestanding seesaw, and a freestanding spring rider.

The 5 to 12 structure – in natural colors with greens, browns, and tans – is the focal point of the proposed playground. Users can choose from several possible routes to the covered tower at the top, with varying levels of difficulty at each platform along the way. Three slides offer a safe and fun return to ground level, all originating from different heights. The tallest tower provides a 360-degree tube slide that measures 9′ in height. The 5-12 structure also includes a horizontal climber (called “The-Helix”), a geo-climber, spiral climber, mounted musical drum, steering wheel, and lookout with telescope. A cabana roof provides shade to the tower platform below.

Elements from the 2-5 structure are replicated on a smaller scale for younger park users (ages 2 to 5). The color palette of natural greens, browns, and tans is also used on this structure. The structure includes three slides and three climbers, as well as a transfer station for ease of access. Other play features integrate imaginative and interactive play including mounted bells, a steering wheel, and a lookout with telescope.

In addition to the playground, a covered picnic area is also proposed adjacent to the new playground. This will be a covered pavilion structure (approx. 20′ x 20′) that includes picnic tables, trash cans, and provides shade while using the park.

Please note the background and foreground (trees, lawn, etc.) do not reflect the actual design and are for illustrative purposes only.

If you have any questions or comments on the proposed playground design, please contact Evan Dintaman (see contact information below).


Calendar and Meeting Notes Valleywood Neighborhood Park Project

Project Dates Project Notes and Project Resources
Winter 2022 Concept Development

January 19, 2023

Virtual Community Meeting

 Spring 2023 Detailed Design and Construction Documentation

  • Playground Concept Renderings in above photos
    • Please note the background and foreground (trees, lawn, etc.) do not reflect the actual design and are for illustrative purposes only.
Summer 2023 Finalize Design and Obtain Permits
Fall  2023 Construction expected to begin.

*Dates and times subject to change.  Please contact the project manager for updates.

M-NCPPC Staff Contacts

Evan Dintaman, Project Manager

Last Updated: October 2, 2023