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Rock Creek Regional Park – Archery Range Improvements

Division: Park Development

Archery at Rock Creek Regional Park

Project Description

The goal of the improvements is to provide a safe, fun, and accessible amenity that will be well used by the park visitors.

The proposed improvements include the following items:

1. A new parking lot with 4 parking spaces, including 3 accessible parking spaces
2. An accessible walkway that connects the new parking lot and archery range
3. A seating area with picnic table and benches
4. Improved shooting stations with designated fully accessible target
5. Accessories such as a bow hanger, a quiver, and distance markers at each shooting station
6. Stormwater Management treatment


Montgomery Parks operates two archery ranges; one in South Germantown Recreational Park, and the other in Rock Creek Regional Park. The archery range in Rock Creek Regional Park is located on the east side of Beach Drive, near Picnic Area #3. The existing archery range has four (4) targets with canopies, three (3) shooting stations, a couple of movable picnic tables, and fixed benches. There is no paved access to the archery range. Visitors park the car at the Picnic Area #3 parking lot, walk across Beach Drive, and then walk down a grassy slope to get to the archery range. Both ranges have been reviewed for improvements with the South Germantown archery range renovated in 2019.

Status/Project Update

  • Montgomery Parks staff posted the project on the Parks Open Town Hall to receive public comments and feedback on the improvements to the archery area. Staff also met players and the DC Archery Club to understand their requirements and receive suggestions for improvements.
  • The initial phase to improve the archery range is complete and open to the public.  The second phase of the project is scheduled for Spring 2021, featuring improvements to the parking lot and stormwater management.

Calendar and Meeting Notes

Links to review meeting notes and presentation materials will be attached to each applicable calendar event as it is scheduled and completed.

Winter 2018 -Public comments received through Parks Open Town Hall.
Spring 2018 -Finalize the detailed in-house design.
September 2018 -The archery is closed for construction.
Spring 2019 -Construction is partially completed.

-The archery range is reopened to the public, but the new parking lot is to be constructed.

-Please access the archery range site with caution

Fall 2020 -Securing permits for the build.
Spring 2021 The second phase of work, including a new parking lot, walkway to the archery range, and stormwater management Parking lot near Picnic Area 3
Summer 2021 Scheduled completion of the second phase.

Date and times are subject to change. Please contact the project manager for the latest project information.

M-NCPPC Staff Contact

Wen Huang, ADA Project Manager | | 301-495-2466

David Linton, Construction Manager | | 301-495-2597

Parks Information Customer Service Office | | 301-495-2595

Last Updated: March 17, 2021