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Capital Crescent Trail- MCDOT CCT Tunnel (CCTT) Project (Downtown Bethesda)

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Project Description:

This project provides for the design and construction of the Capital Crescent Trail Tunnel (CCTT). The tunnel will extend through the lower level parking garage of a new mixed-use building, (currently under construction at 7272 Wisconsin Avenue), adjacent to the future Capital Crescent Civic Green at Woodmont and Bethesda Avenues in downtown Bethesda. A bicycle storage area will be provided for public use near the west end of the tunnel within the building.  The approximate 1,000-foot-long tunnel will continue east under Wisconsin Avenue, within the Elm Street right-of-way, emerging above ground in the northern portion of Elm Street Local Park where it will intersect with the Capital Crescent Surface Trail (CCST) and the main stem of the Capital Crescent Trail (CCT) running parallel to the Purple Line.

Status/ Project Update:

The tunnel’s interior height and width will be approximately 14 feet and 16 feet respectively (12-foot wide trail with two-foot-wide shoulders on either side) and will be designed to comply with ADA standards. The trail surface will be concrete. The tunnel will be fitted with lighting, an electronic security system, emergency phones, and emergency egress locations.  The northern portion of Elm Street park will be completely reconstructed to accommodate both the CCST and the CCTT. The new park area will include recreational facilities, amenities, lighting, and landscape planting.

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Last Updated: May 13, 2022