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Black Hill Regional Park- SEED Classroom

Black Hill Regional Park SEED Classroom Site Plan

Project Description

This project is located in Black Hill Regional Park, 20926 Lake Ridge Drive, Boyds.  For years, the park’s old maintenance yard has sat unused, its buildings neglected. This project is an opportunity to give this centrally located area a new life by building a SEED classroom and associated outdoor spaces.


SEED is the acronym for Sustainable Education Every Day. A SEED Classroom is an environmentally responsible structure that serves as a unique educational tool. Each SEED Classroom houses all the systems the classroom needs to be self-sustaining. Materials and systems are left exposed to teach students how the building works. The design allows the building to become a living laboratory for its students and encourages creative education through the building’s living and technical components. The SEED Classroom is net-zero water and net-zero energy and will allow students to track energy production and rainwater collection. Our new classroom will provide an example of how people can learn in a comfortable and beautiful space that is healthy for its inhabitants and the environment. The SEED Classroom will create space for a park-based nature preschool program. The nature programs will also be able to offer more school field trips and private and public events.

Major features included in the SEED Classroom include: 

  • Prefabricated self-sustained building structure. 
  • Solar panels on the roof 
  • A restroom with composting toilet 
  • A Living lab space inside the building 
  • A rainwater cistern for water recycling
  • A living wall inside the building using recycled rainwater. 
  • A large open classroom space 
  • A covered deck  

The SEED Classroom in Black Hill Regional Park was initiated by Parks staff in 2014. It expands the program space for the Black Hill Discovery Center which serves the need of the growing adjacent community.

The project will have two parts. The first part includes the area within the existing fence, where the SEED Classroom will be located. The other part is to clear the gravel parking area outside of the fence, which will be turned into a community garden and a meadow area. 

Status/Project Update

  • This project is currently in the Detailed Design phase. A design/build team was hired in 2021 to develop the construction document and install the structure. 
  • A community meeting was held on Tuesday, April 2, 2019. The public had the opportunity and was encouraged to review the plan and leave a comment on the plan by visiting the Open Town Hall webpage.
  • Parks staff went to the Planning Board- July 11, 2019, seeking approval for the Facility Plan and cost estimate.
  • The SEED Classroom is an FY21 Capital Improvement Program (CIP) and is slated to be completed by 2023. Currently, funding is only available for the building and not the grounds. The internal design is starting in the Fall of 2020. The design/build team was hired in the summer of 2021. The structure’s completion is expected by spring 2023. 


Links to review meeting notes and presentations will be attached to each applicable calendar event as it is scheduled and completed.

* Date and time subject to change. Please contact the project manager for updates on the project.

DateEvents/Meeting Notes
April 2, 2019Community Meeting – To solicit public input on the proposed Facility Plan.


Black Hill SEED Meeting Minutes

MayBlack Hill Regional Park- Site Plan Rendering
July 11, 2019Planning Board Meeting
– To request funding approval Black Hill SEED Staff Report
Fall 2020– Internal design underway
Winter 2022Construction to start
Last Updated: April 8, 2024