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Fee Reduction Program

Our Fee-Reduction Program

This program is open to Montgomery County residents only and provides a 50% fee reduction for the following facilities/programs:

  • Part 1 – Fee Reduction for a Class, Camp or Program
  • Part 2 – Half Off admission coupons to some of our seasonal facilities

Both offer a 50% fee reduction, awarded based on a family receiving eligible outside public assistance. (see application for specifics)

Applications are approved on a seasonal basis for certain classes, camps or programs published in “The Guide” for Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter.

The Fee Reduction Program is open to Montgomery County residents only and proof of residency is required.

Part 1 – Classes, Camps, Programs

How To Apply For A Fee Reduction On A Class, Camp Or Program Registration

  • An application for a 50% fee reduction to the programs listed below must be submitted to the facility administering the program at the time of registration.
  • The facility manager will review the application.
  • If approved, and registration is open, you may register for the program at that time in person.
  • Applicants for fee reduction must compete for space in a program, class, etc., on a first-come, first-served basis the same as anyone else.
  • Each approved person in the family will be permitted one program, group lesson class or camp fee reduction per season (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter).
  • You may submit your application during normal business hours, Monday through Friday, at the facility.

Eligible Facilities / Programs for Fee Reductions

Camps – Archaeology, Summer Fun Ice Skating Camp, “Cool” Summer Ice Skating Camp, Totally Tennis, Golf & So Much More, Nature Centers, Week in the Park (Only one camp session per applicant each Summer)
Group Lessons – Ice Skating courses (Snowplow Sam 1, Snowplow Sam 2, Snowplow Sam 3, Basic 1, Basic 2, Basic 3 and Teen/Adult 1 only), Tennis courses (Beginner and Intermediate only)
Programs – Brookside Gardens, Nature Centers (Not all Nature Center programs are eligible for fee reduction. Check with hosting facility to confirm the eligibility of the programs you are interested in)

Where To Apply
(Please call for hours of operation and directions)
Brookside Gardens 301-962-1400
Brookside Nature Center 301-962-1480
Cabin John Ice Rink 301-765-8620
Pauline Betz Addie Tennis at Cabin John 301-765-8650
Locust Grove Nature Center 301-765-8660
Meadowside Nature Center 301-254-4030
Seneca House – Enterprise Office 301-495-2530
Wheaton Ice Arena 301-905-3000
Wheaton Tennis 301-905-3030
* Seasonal Facilities

Part 2 – Half Off Admission Coupons

How to Receive Admission Discount Coupon Books

  1. Mail a completed application to:
    M-NCPPC/Enterprise Division
    Seneca House
    14500-B Clopper Road
    Boyds, MD 20841     OR
  2. In person Monday through Friday at the Seneca House Office.

Allow up to 2 weeks for processing and delivery of coupon books if approved, for applications mailed. Coupon books of three discount tickets each will be issued on a seasonal basis to the head of household once the application is approved. Tickets are non-transferable and are good for any one of the following:

Admission Coupon – 50% off one admission fee for:

  • A Train Ride at Cabin John or Wheaton Regional Park
  • A Carousel Ride at Wheaton Regional Park
  • An hourly Boat Rental or Pontoon Boat Ride at Lake Needwood or Black Hill Regional Park
  • A General Skating Session at Cabin John or Wheaton Ice Rink (Does not including Skate Rental)
  • The Splash Park or Miniature Golf Course at South Germantown Recreational Park
  • A regular bucket of balls at the South Germantown Driving Range
  • A non-electric campsite at Little Bennett Campground


  • Mail to:
    M-NCPPC/Enterprise Division
    Seneca House
    14500-B Clopper Road
    Boyds, MD 20841
Last Updated: January 31, 2023