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Events & Classes

Tree Education

  • Arbor Day
    Montgomery Parks collaborates with schools in the County to promote tree education. A video contest is held to select a school to host the Parks Arbor Day event, which will be held in April. Learn more.
  • Trees Matter Symposium
    Montgomery Parks’ Trees Matter Symposium brings innovators in the tree industry from around the Nation together for a conference on “Trees and the Built Environment”.
  • Tree Climbing Championships
    Parks’ tree climbers participate in the International Society of Arboriculture’s Tree Climbing Championship annually.  Montgomery Parks also hosts the events when they are in Maryland.
  • Tree Crew Project Days
    Arboriculture staff work outside in the Parks on a daily basis pruning trees, removing hazard trees and limbs, enhancing soil in root zones, mulching and installing lightning protection systems. These are just a few of the many tasks our crews perform to promote a long-lived and healthy tree canopy for county residents. Scaling to the top of a Parkland tree for your occupation is a risky endeavor but our crews have been expertly trained and are outfitted with safety equipment.   Watching these skilled staff is like attending an acrobatic show.  Come out and see them live, in a park near you.
  • Tree Care Demonstrations & Events
    Montgomery Parks’ Arborists, Urban Foresters and Horticulturists love teaching others about trees.  We specialize in proper tree selection, how to plant, pruning like an expert, tree measuring and tree risk assessment. 


Last Updated: January 6, 2023